2012 Nissan Juke SL AWD

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Bill bought this 2012 Nissan Juke SL AWD used in 2013 with 4,500 miles and has underwent multiple modifications since, adding more muscle and uniqueness every time. The car is in a very good shape, with no rust. According to Bill, its condition is “like new”.

This 2012 Nissan Juke SL AWD has 123k miles and is powered by a 1.6 L MR16DDT straight-four 4-stroke turbo-charged gasoline engine developing 188 hp at 5600 RPM and 177 lb-ft of torque.


The Juke’s exterior is finished in white pearl with black upholstery and features numerous upgrades. This includes carbon fiber steering wheel with red inlays and fighter Juke jet set up, carbon fiber gauge cluster, carbon fiber mirrors and interior accents, triple exhaust, rear wing and front spoiler, Eibach lowering springs, Bilstein shocks, brakes from a 350Z Akebono set up, 20” wheels and tires, front rotors from Z1 Motorsports and rear performance rotors.


This car is already a head-turner!


Unfortunately for Bill, the Nissan CVT transmission has failed multiple times and has been replaced or rebuilt five times already! The car even sat for almost a year before it had the CVT rebuilt for the third time by a company in Missouri. Now the transmission must go away and never be replaced. Bill wants his car to become the most powerful Electric Nissan Juke ever.


Bill’s expectations are very different from other EV conversion projects; he wants his Juke to compete with the GT-R base-built Nissan Juke R (545-hp twin-turbocharged V-6 engine), called “the ultimate, factory-operated automotive Frankenstein project of our time” by CAR and DRIVER in 2015. Nissan produced only 23 of them.


Nissan Juke GT-R - caranddriver.com

Bill knows exactly what he wants: uniqueness. He considered one electric motor at first then decided a Tesla motor at each axle would put his build on the first row of every car show he will go, with a one-of-a-kind kick-ass Nissan JukE GT-R. The vehicle is in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Bill is willing to ship his vehicle cross country to a shop for conversion.


Based on the Tesla Model Y dual-motor Performance Version specs, the Nissan Juk E GT-R is expected to deliver more than 450 hp, 350 Lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 150 mph. With a curb weight of 3,200 lbs bill expects a top speed of 130 mph minimum and a range of 200 to 300 miles.

Besides Batteries and motor, all EV related parts must be new. AC and steering wheel must be upgraded for the EV conversion. One air ride system is expected to be a better fit than the Eibach springs and Bilstein shocks. The brakes need an upgrade too. Analog type of controls or modern displays; Bill wants them to look factory or evolution and “not just stuck on somewhere”.


After the EV conversion, Bill will use his Nissan Juke every day and will charge it at Home. He already owns a 2022 performance EV and doesn’t need an extra Level 2 charging station. He also wants to be able to use public fast-charging stations and expects to charge 80% of its capacity in one hour.

For ICE-related parts that will be removed, Bill already knows the gas engine has many aftermarket parts and upgrades. He is a member of jukeforums.com and will mostly take care of reselling parts to the Nissan Juke’s community himself.


Bill has towing requirement; he owns and rides motorcycles and have future plans to buy an electric sport bike to go with his Nissan Juk E GT-R. He currently owns a light open trailer with a three-bike capacity.


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  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
    Juke SL AWD
  • Location
  • Run
  • Street use
  • Drivetrain
  • Transmission
  • Front brakes
  • Rear brakes
  • Upgrade brakes
  • Upgrade wheels/tires
  • Upgrade suspension
  • Upgrade interior
  • Power steering
  • AC
  • Primary charging location
  • DIY
    yes for little things
  • EV conversion training needed
  • Ship vehicle to shop
    Yes, cross country
  • EV drive train
    All-wheel drive (AWD)
  • EV HP
    300 hp and over
  • EV torque
    350 Lb-ft and over
  • EV expectations
    Insanely more powerful than today
  • EV top speed
    130 mph and over
  • EV range
    200 miles and over
  • EV charging time
    Very High (less than one hour)
  • Towing
  • Use of used parts
    Only used EV parts for batteries and/or motor
  • Nov 14, 2022, 01:19 PM
    Stormy Courter (Wrenchology)
    Is there any interest in doing this as a RWD? doing AWD with enough battery to go +200miles might be difficult/expensive finding enough space to package batteries. Would be a interesting candidate for a LDU?
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