Atom Drive System Buyer's Guide




The standard kit includes :

  • Vehicle Control Unit
  • High Voltage Junction Box
  • 6.6kW charger and 1.5kW DC-DC
  • Charging port
  • Battery heater
  • Cooling systems for motor, power electronics, and batteries.
    • Radiator
    • Hoses
    • Pumps
    • Reservoirs
  • Push button gear selector
  • High voltage wiring and connectors
  • 12V power distribution boxes
  • 12V fuse box
  • Low voltage pigtail harness and connector



The Tesla motor is ideal for independent suspension cars because it has a differential built into the motor's housing. It will produce a maximum of 330 Nm (243 lb-ft) and 220 kW (295 HP), or a continuous 90 kW (120 HP). This motor is the most cost-effective option.

 Application Considerations

  • Compact integration of inverter, motor, and differential make this ideal for many space-limited vehicles
  • Intended for use with independent suspension
  • No parking pawl
  • For more information, see Specifications



Designed by Cascadia Motion and Borg Warner, the IM-225 is a brand new motor option offered by Ampere EV. The IM-255 motor combined with the SR309 gearbox is ideal for solid axle or all wheel drive applications. It outputs a max power of 500 NM (368 lb-ft) and 225 kW (301 HP), or a continuous 110 kW (140 HP). This package is the most compact option. 

Application Considerations

  • Intended to connect to a drive shaft
  • No integrated differential
  • Integrated parking pawl
  • For more information, see Specifications

*Dimensions include reduction gearbox



Designed by Cascadia Motion and Borg Warner, The IDM-190 a brand new motor offered by Ampere Ev. It is a similar form factor to the Tesla motor with the differential built into the motor housing. This motor has a wavetrac limited slip instead of an open differential. It will make a maximum of 500 Nm (368 lb-ft) and 225 kW (301 HP) or a continuous 80 kW (107 HP). 

Application Considerations

  • Compact integration of the inverter, motor, and differential make this ideal for many space-limited vehicles
  • Intended for use with independent suspension
  • Integrated wavetrac limited slip differential 
  • Integrated parking pawl
  • For more information, see Specifications


The 42 kWh 3-module battery pack is intended for passenger cars with a single motor. This pack will be the easiest to install as there are only 3 modules to mount. 

Passenger Car : 120 - 140 miles

SUV / Truck : 80 - 100 miles



The 84 kWh 6-module battery pack is intended for SUV's, trucks, and long range applications. This pack will double the range and power output which makes it ideal for dual-motor use.

Passenger Car : 240 - 280 miles

SUV / Truck : 160 - 200 miles



Standard charging will charge up to 6.6 kW which will completely charge the 42 kWh battery in about 7 hours and the 84 kWh battery in about 13 hours.  




Fast charging will charge up to 50 kW for the 42 kWh battery and 100 kW for the 84 kWh battery. This means that both batteries will fully charge in under one hour. Fast charging will require a larger CCS charging port and a CCS junction box. 




The main connectors in the wiring harness such as the Vehicle Control Unit and the Power Distribution Modules will be pinned. Wires will need to be trimmed and pinned into proper connectors as well as high voltage connectors assembled.

With measurements from the customer, a full custom wiring harness will be included with no modification needed.

Ampere EV offers two screens to choose from: an 8 inch screen and an 11 inch screen. Both screens are android head units capable of controlling audio, hands free calling, back up camera, and more. The control box can be mounted seperately from the screen within a few inches, or much further away with the optional extra long ribbon cable.  

Ampere EV offers a new throttle pedal that will integrate seamlessly with the rest of the system using Canbus. 

If the factory throttle pedal uses a cable, it can be kept and converted to work with the Atom Drive system. 

Ampere EV offers a water heater, water pump, and a water reservoir that is intended to connect to a factory heater core. This will allow customers to preserve their factory cabin heat.

Ampere EV offers a high voltage electric AC compressor and fittings to connect to a factory or aftermarket air conditioning system

A vacuum pump and reservoir will be needed for anything powered by vacuum on the car. Commonly this is used for power brakes but some cars use vacuum for AC controls, door locks, and other auxilary functions. 

In partnership with EPAS Performance, Ampere EV is able to offer any EPAS power steering kit. These kits will integrate seamlessly into the Atom Drive System to allow speed and drive mode dependent steering weight. If EPAS does not make a power steering kit for your vehicle, a universal power steering kit will be included and some fabrication will be necessary.