My Electric Conversion Project, The Process

We want to make sure every enthusiast’s electric conversion project is based on informed decisions with resources and options provided by the Fuel2Electric platform and our team. Take a look at the following steps.


A project owner will initiate their conversion process by selecting “My Electric Conversion Project”. 

You will then be automatically directed to the Electric Conversion Questionnaire (ECQ). The ECQ will allow us to gain the technical, physical and visual information necessary to more accurately represent the project to shops/vendors.


The Fuel2Electric Team will analyze answers to the ECQ and evaluate the technical feasibility/viability of the project and, as well as budget considerations.

Within 24 hours, the Fuel2Electric team will contact the project owner with follow-up questions and suggestions if needed. Every step of the way is documented by the Fuel2electric Team.



Only realistic projects are considered for the following steps of the process. Fuel2electric drafts the project and submits it to the project owner for approval, then it will be posted online. 



Shops and vendors receive notifications for every new conversion project posted online. 

If interested, they will submit a proposal for the project directly through the platform, then interact with the project owner as much as necessary to verify that all requirements are covered and that the estimate reflects the scope of the project.


When ready, the project owner selects the shop and its proposal on the platform and contracts with the converter by paying a deposit online. 

The deposit is the only payment processed online by Fuel2Electric. Future payments are made directly between the shop and the project owner, offline. 

The Fuel2Electric team keeps track of every project and documents its progress online. Hence the catalog of projects will progressively become a source of information and inspiration for those involved with the Fuel2Electric community. More importantly, it will incentivize the expansion of the electric community and facilitate information exchange.