Ampere EV

Bringing OEM quality, safety, and features to your EV conversion!

An Atlanta, Georgia-based company, Ampere EV designs and integrates electric vehicle systems. By creating an ecosystem of controllers, batteries, HV junction boxes, and other EV system components, Ampere EV offers a one-stop solution for an electric drivetrain. 

Ampere EV is not a conversion shop. We are a team of designers, engineers, and automotive enthusiasts that are bringing OEM-level vehicle integration to the EV conversion market. Because our modular approach allows us to design and produce components for series production, rather than a build-to-order design, the Atom Drive System offers unparalleled value, integration, and engineering.


Ampere EV was created to fill the need for a one-stop solution for electrifying a vehicle. After the company’s founders experience with electrifying a CRX race car, it became clear that the budding EV conversion market was lacking simplicity, high level engineering, and availability that would be required to move it mainstream. Thus, Ampere EV was born.


Ampere EV strives to accelerate the electrification of fossil fuel vehicles through a uniquely modular electric ecosystem incorporating OEM level safety, integration, and engineering.


Our vision is to break down the barriers to electrification and provide a complete and well engineered system facilitating the conversion of internal combustion vehicles to all electric.

We seek to provide a sustainable and easily attainable alternative to replacing existing vehicles to compete in tomorrow’s world of emissions standards and fossil fuel bans. There will come a time in the not so distant future where owning and operating an internal combustion vehicle will be more inconvenient and difficult than an all electric version. Ampere EV will position companies and individuals alike to be on at the forefront of a changing society.


The Atom Drive system is designed to be a complete solution for EV enthusiasts to swap their classic car from gas to electric. Ampere EV’s plug and play Atom Drive system preserves the OEM interior and has options for modern heat and A/C. There are many options to allow the system to fit in different form factors and achieve different power goals.

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