Chargeheads | Podcast: Where do I convert my car to ELECTRIC in America? Fuel2Electric can help!

Streamed live on May 16, 2024

Fuel2Electric's mission is to empower individuals and businesses to embrace electric propulsion, promoting sustainability and innovation in the automotive industry. Founded in 2021, Fuel2Electric is revolutionizing the world of Electric Conversion by providing electrification enthusiasts a platform for their passion. Through our platform and customer care, we are generating an eco-system designed to accelerate growth and success of the EV community. We are developing innovative tools to help car enthusiasts and professionals to meet, build relationships and ensure effective communication during their electric vehicle conversion’s journey. 

The Team: Laurent Frugier IT engineer specialized in electricity, Laurent is PMP certified and have worked the last ten years as a consultant for the World Bank. Fuel2Electric serves as the perfect intersection of Laurent's technical expertise, extensive project management experience, and his deep-rooted passion for cars. He’s in charge of the platform and operations. 

John Wilson With three locations in Fayetteville, Little Rock and Jonesboro, Arkansas, John Wilson owned and operated a mobility van and accessibility business for over 40 years. He is a Navy veteran with 6 years of service specializing in data systems. Recently (semi) retired, he now assists with marketing and promotion of the Fuel2Electric community. 

Arno Frugier With a degree of Marketing and Strategic planning, Arno Frugier consults for several industries including Publishing/Edition, Music, Luxury among others. He develops implements and leads programs of emerging trends, expansion opportunities and social media capacities. 

"The conversion to electric is for enthusiasts and those who believe that gasoline is no longer the best option. We must put in place tools, ideas and solutions enabling people to electrify their vehicle, from anywhere, with or without technical knowledge, in complete safety and with complete confidence." That’s why we here at Fuel2Electric dedicate our time and our talent to growing the community and developing features to facilitate access to electric conversion in the USA and Canada. By educating and facilitating the connection between project owners and professionals, folks can focus on what they love to do: enjoying the electric driving experience safely." 

At the start of 2021 Tim Aylen created Chargeheads to ELECTRIFY petrolheads, essentially to introduce car enthusiasts into electric cars by sharing content on modified EV's and EV conversions. An Electric Petrolhead if you like........A CHARGEHEAD!!!!