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If you are reading these lines, you may be wondering: 

"Is EV conversion a good idea?"

"I want to do it, but where do I start?"

"How much will it cost to convert my vehicle to electric?"

"Is EV conversion sustainable?"

Various Cost Considerations 

  • Starting around $5k, if you are a DIY person with the resources to do all the work, our services may be of limited assistance. That said, any feedback or productive comments would be much appreciated to benefit others. 
  • Other DIY people could need $25-45k, depending on desired range, use of new as opposed to used parts, and options such as power steering and AC. We can help you find the perfect parts, drive train or kit. We can’t stress this part enough. No matter which category you fit into, practice safety first by using the recommended protective gear.
  • If you are not a DIY person, a more likely conversion starting price could be $45k.Then, depending on the type and condition of the vehicle, the kind of driver you are, the amount of horsepower, torque, range, charging time, display and gauges, and other options... It could take your build up to $80k and over. If you belong to this category you are in the right place at the right time: Start your EV Conversion Project.


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Is EV conversion sustainable? 

The heavier your vehicle, the more battery you will need, and the heavier it will be...



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