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If you are reading these lines, you may be wondering: Is electric conversion a good idea? I want to do it, but where do I start? How much will it cost to convert my vehicle to electric? Is electric conversion sustainable?


DIY Vs. Professional EV Conversion Guide

EV vehicles are the zenith of automotive transportation. The question is, how’ll you get there? Will you buy a factory EV, or will you convert your ICE vehicle into an electric one? If you decide to convert your car, will you take the hands-on, gritty DIY path, or do you enlist the experts for a hands-off, polished approach? In this article, we’ll dive into the latter crossroads and break down the pros and cons of each path. Continue Reading.

Top Challenge For EV Adoption

This quote says a lot about the state of EVs. Magnificent, practical tech—but with a catch: the charging infrastructure, or rather, the lack thereof. Adoption has always been an obstacle for transportation; before there were gas stations across America, people rode horses because “the nearest fillin’ station was in the next town over”. It’s an understandable fear, especially when you become reliant on this kind of tech. Let’s discuss the reality of the EV gamble. Continue Reading.



How To Choose An EV Conversion Motor

Since you’re here, we know you’re at a crossroads when you stare at that old jalopy of yours parked in the garage. And since you’re still here, that means you’re considering swapping out the clunky old engine for something sleeker and sexier—an EV motor that’ll make your heart race faster than a Shelby. Kudos! You’re in the right place. But before you start tearing out wires, let’s talk about options. Continue Reading.

Hybrid Vs. Electric Car Comparison

Do you consider yourself a visionary early adopter? Or are you more of a pragmatic realist? Choosing between a hybrid and an electric car is about who you are. It’s about what works for you. It’s about driving a car that completes you. Let’s dive into the two schools of automotive thought and see which one speaks to you. Continue Reading.



Is EV Car Insurance More Expensive?

Everybody is scrambling to adapt to the EV wave sweeping the world of motoring. But as we race towards the crest, one question might be nagging at your heels (or tailpipe): the cost. Upfront, longterm, emotional, and physical. In this article, though, we’ll be discussing something more tangible: whether or not insuring an EV is more expensive than a traditional ICE car. Let’s dive into details. Continue Reading.

States That Tax and Incentive EVs

The rise in popularity of electric vehicles has been meteoric—they now stand at the forefront of automotive innovation leaving law-makers playing catch-up. And in the dance of progress and policy, not all states in the union agree on the tune. In this article we’ll give you the lowdown on which states tax, incentivize, or strike a balance on EV policy. Continue Reading.



Home EV Charging vs. Public: Benefits & Drawbacks

Electric vehicles are the future, there’s no question about that. There is, however, a choice: should you charge at home or hit the public charging stations? Each has its merits and drawbacks, and understanding them can help you make the smartest decision at the end of the day. Let’s get into it. Continue Reading.

Gas Car Ban: EV Conversion to Keep Your Legacy

The future of automotive transportation is about horsepower and technology as much as it is about legacy. As the specter of the gasoline-powered car ban looms over streets and highways everywhere, so too does the anxiety of losing the car you care about today. What does this mean for the folk caught in the middle of love for both the environment and the past? Well, it turns out that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. The answer lies in EV conversion—a process that allows you to keep the body of your cherished ride while giving its soul a fresh breath of life. Continue Reading.



How To: Repurpose EV Batteries

As many of us patiently await the arrival of a sleek, sexy, and sustainable future, the truth is that it’s being shaped right now. And let it be known that the future we’re talking about is more than a shiny new chassis with a brand new battery under its hood; it’s about creation through renewed purpose. And once we cut away the frilly vocabulary, it’s about reusing old things that just need a breath of fresh air. In this article, we’ll discuss how a repurposed EV battery might just be the saving grace you need for your conversion project. Let’s dive in. Continue Reading.

Why You Should Convert to EV: Charging Forward with NACS

Right now, there’s a roaring race rounding the tracks of automotive innovation. EVs are the thoroughbreds leading the charge. They provide myriad benefits when standing up to traditional ICE vehicles: cheaper annual operating costs, a cheaper power source, less maintenance, and a simply unparalleled driving experience. However, a cloud of anxiety still looms over late adopters. These clouds are charged with fears of range limitations and long charging times in comparison to gasoline-powered vehicles. Let’s dive into these fears and anxieties and see if they’re worthy or baseless. Continue Reading.



Car Conversion to Electric: Expert Guide

If you’re here, you’re one of the enlightened drivers on the bleeding-edge of automotive trends. You’re interested in taking control, choosing power and silence over noise and pollution. You want your car transformed into a sleek, silent predator of the road. If that’s all true, then you’re in the right place. So, let’s get started. Continue Reading.

EV Fleet Conversions & Corporate Sustainability

The age of combustion is coming to an end. With each passing year, choking on the smoke and stench on exhaust fumes becomes less and less acceptable. Instead, people are getting hooked on vehicles gliding through streets and over highways, leaving nothing but a whisper in their wake. Electric corporate fleets aren’t an idea out of a science fiction novel; they’re the future of business, being written by those daring enough to embrace it. Continue Reading.



Compare EV Conversion: Fuel2Electric Leads The Charge

The future is being forged in the steel and lightning of EV conversion workshops around America. We at Fuel2Electric have emerged from the fog of innovation as a frontrunner in the industry, and we’re going to tell you why. From our comprehensive EV knowhow to our network of experts, we’re the go-to choice for consumers and businesses transitioning into electric mobility. Continue Reading.

What Are Typical EV Maintenance Costs?

Classic cars stand as a testament to design that transcends time. Yet, these machines carry with them the weight of their age—a complexity and cost in maintenance that relegates them to the occasional Sunday drive rather than the daily commute. They are capricious beauties; their engines a gamble each morning, their reliability a question at every stoplight. But imagine a transformation as profound as it is pragmatic—having your classic car run on electricity. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a rebirth. Turning the key on your electrically converted icon will have you feeling the reliability of the modern age fused with the soul of your classic. Maintenance becomes minor, not a constant worry. More time driving, less money maintaining—a proposition as smooth as the ride itself. So, let’s talk brass tacks on what it really means to maintain a classic car converted to an EV. Continue Reading.



Donor Car Choices That Fit You

You’re eyeing the horizon, ready to craft a masterpiece on four wheels. Your donor car isn’t just a set of tires and gears; it’s the canvas for your magnum opus. It’s the trophy that’ll stand testament to the sweat and genius you pour into your conversion quest. For some, that one ride that sets their hearts towards a conversion project is already in their garage. But hey, if you’re starting without a legend in your possession, no sweat. We’re here to guide you to a ride that mirrors your swagger and principles. Let’s get started. Continue Reading.

Our Top 10 Favorite Cars to Convert

If you’re here, you know that the world is a better place when classic cars are converted to electric vehicles. Preserving the soul of classic cars while bringing them back to life with an electric pulse is the pinnacle of modern technology. We show our love for the stylish icons of the past by guiding them into the future, with respect to their original forms, of course. This guide is your ticket to a world where heritage meets innovation. So, let’s get into our favorite cars for the EV conversions of your dreams, complemented by the finest plug-and-play kits from distinguished companies. Continue Reading.



Explore EV Conversions at Shows and Events

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wonderful world of EV conversions; a place where sparks fly and innovation charges the air like a thunderstorm. In this article, we’ll be going over a few of our favorite loci of innovation in the EV world, and the hubs we frequent when we want to feel inspired. Continue Reading

Best 4 EV Battery Packs of 2024

As we accelerate into the future of EVs, the heart of any EV - the battery pack - becomes more and more important. We’ve seen remarkable advancements in EV technology, and as we cruise into 2024, the battery landscape has become one packed to the horizon with options. In this article, we’ll go over the top 4 EV battery packs that are redefining the arena. Continue Reading.



System Vs. Kit Vs. Powertrain Explained

So, you're thinking about flipping your ride to electric. Smart move. Whether you're a hobbyist, an environmental enthusiast, or just curious, understanding the terminology surrounding EV conversions is essential. So, let’s clear up some lingo. Systems, kits, and powertrains - the trifecta of EV conversion options - let’s dive into it. Continue Reading.

Overcoming EV Challenges

We've all heard about the old range anxiety thing – once the centerpiece of EV adoption hesitation, range anxiety has largely yielded to advances in battery technology and charging infrastructure. But guess what? Now, as EVs grow in popularity, there are a fresh set of obstacles arising, laying fertile ground for even more innovation. Let’s dive into it. Continue Reading.



Classic Vs. Fleet Car Electrification

Gather ‘round, EV enthusiasts. Today, we’re diving into the nitty gritty of the EV conversion world and what you need to know about it, whether you’re a gearhead with a classic car, a business owner looking to modernize their fleet, or anything in between . Let’s begin with the self-starters. Continue Reading.

Vehicle Conversion: Going Further Together

You, behind the wheel of a sleek, electric-powered machine, leaving a trail of smiling onlookers in your wake. Not a bad picture, right? After all, you’re not a part of the old guard, desperately clinging to their fossil-fueled relics. You’re on the frontier of change, dancing on the edge of transformation. That's why you’re here. And that’s exactly what an EV conversion offers you: a chance to turn heads, make a statement, and maybe even change the world a little bit along the way. Continue Reading.



EV Conversion Policies: Boosting Adoption

Alright, let’s shift gears and talk about the future. The open road, the wind in your hair, and the sweet hum of an electric motor; that’s not a dream, that’s a stone’s throw down the road. It’s the future, and it’s already here.

But to go mainstream, it takes more than just innovative tech and quality workmanship. We need the movers and shakers—the policymakers—to lay the groundwork for this electric revolution to start making real waves. Continue Reading

Top 3 Reasons To Go Electric

Electric vehicles are no longer just an alternative; they are at the heart of the landscape of personal transportation. It’s not about pushing the envelope for the sake of it; it’s about making a choice that’s smarter, cleaner, cheaper, and, frankly, a lot more fun. The age of internal combustion is gradually fading into the rearview mirror; now, it’s time to understand why. Continue Reading.



7 Facts About Converting Your Vehicle To Electric

Buckle up gearheads, because we’re about to turbocharge your knowledge on converting your old-school ride into a quiet, clean, electric vehicle. We’re not just talking a casual upgrade; we’re sparking a full-throttle transformation under your hood. Here’s the 411 on converting your ICE machine into an EV icon... Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Convert Your Vehicle to Electric?

Picture this: You’re cruising down the highway, wind in your hair. But wait, the roar of your engine is gone; replaced by the hum of progress. That’s right, you’ve taken that old-school classic and turned it into a beautiful, clean, electric machine. It’s not just a car; it’s a time machine. Continue Reading.



Cost Breakdown: How Much Does It Really Cost To Convert Your Car To Electric?

Converting your car to electric is a smart move. But it’s not a simple or cheap one. It requires planning, budgeting, and some knowledge, especially if you’re planning on building it yourself. In this article, we’ll cover the basic costs of electric vehicle conversion so you can better understand the process of converting your car. So, let’s get to it. Continue Reading.

Best EV conversion Kit Companies in 2024

Converting your vehicle to electric is about more than reducing the money you waste and pollution you produce with your old ICE-powered car. It’s about preserving the beauty and charm of a car you love, while also enjoying the benefits of modern technology and performance. Imagine driving your car, but with more power, torque, and efficiency, without compromising its original style and character. Continue reading.



The Beginner's Guide to EV Conversion: What You Need to Know

You want to drive an EV, but you can’t wait for the automakers to catch up with your vision. You love your car and won’t compromise your style. You want to save money, save the planet, and have fun. You want to convert your car to electric. But how do you do it? How do you turn your gas-guzzler into a green machine? How do you go from ICE to EV? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about converting your dream to reality. We’ll break down the key steps, costs, and benefits of converting your car to electric. Let’s start with the basics. Continue reading.

The benefits of converting a vehicle from gas to electric power are...

Thanks to technological advancements and component availability, more possibilities exist for converting your vehicle to electric power. Several crucial factors should be considered before embarking on the EV conversion journey. Continue reading.



There is only one way to convert your car to electric

At Fuel2Electric we like to say we are agnostic. So, no matter what electric components you use for your project, the only way to convert your vehicle to electric is safely! Continue reading.

The best vehicle to convert is...

The one close to your heart. Now, objectively, there are many other reasons why a car should be converted to electric. Continue reading.



Is EV conversion sustainable? 

Electric vehicles (EV) are considered to be better than Internal combustion engine (ICE) in that they have several advantages, such as: Zero emissions, Renewable energy, [...] Now, let’s be real. Continue reading.

The heavier your vehicle, the more battery you will need, and the heavier it will be...

Range anxiety is probably the greatest barrier preventing fleets from going electric. Now, here are a few tips when determining the ideal range for your electric conversion. Continue reading.  



Give your vehicle the change it deserves

With “My Electric Conversion Project” Fuel2Electric will help with the project design based on your expectations, constraints, and requirements. Continue reading.


The two main qualities of any EV conversion builder

As more and more people shift to electric vehicles, many individuals are considering gas to electric conversions especially on classic cars.  While this can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Continue reading.

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Electric Vehicles require less maintenance than internal combustion engine cars

It is generally true that electric vehicles (EVs) require less maintenance than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. There are several reasons for this. Continue reading.

Fueling the Electric Revolution: Embracing DIY and DIFM in EV Conversions

Let's dive into the age-old debate: DIY (Do It Yourself) vs. DIFM (Do It For Me). Some say it's like choosing between wrenches and wallets, but here's the truth: whether you're balancing batteries yourself or handing over the keys, it's all about hitting the road with a cool, reliable, safe, and road-ready machine. Continue reading.


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