DIYev converts cars, trucks and buses from gasoline/diesel to full electric.

Please see our YouTube channel for videos of the all electric school buses, Ford Rangers, Ford Mustangs, Ford F150s, Box trucks etc built by the team of DIYev.

We are one of the very few companies that guarantee a full functional vehicle in a timely manner. Everything is done under one roof including, engineering, software, integration, welding, etc.

*We also offer multi gear drive units with PTO, range extended fuel cell systems, fast charge, high voltage, cold weather application, etc.

The Future is Now with DIYev

DIYev is the top innovator for the electric vehicle industry that has now decided to offer all of its technology directly to the public.  DIYev engineers have developed a new kind of all electric drivetrain and battery module system for small, medium and large trucks and buses that are very easy to use, install, maintain and understand.

DIYev has designed several Electric motor drivetrain kits that you just bolt it to the existing (ICE) engine mounts.  All of the wiring and programming is ready to go out of the box.  The battery packs are all modular which makes them easy to place anywhere on the vehicle.  The more battery modules you add the more distance you can travel.

Conversion to Electric

DIYev uses most of the OEM parts, and is designed to use the existing maintenance and repair infrastructures throughout the ICE truck and bus Service network. By using these existing OEM parts and maintenance procedures, will allow DIYev drivetrains and battery packs to be maintained, and repaired anywhere in the world just by using the existing infrastructure. DIY is unlike Tesla or BYD, whom requires a special facility, waiting many days for special trained service technicians to repair and maintain their electric drivetrains and battery packs.

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