EV World | Podcast: Gas To EV Conversions with fuel2electric.com

Streamed live on May 29, 2024

Host, David: Tell me a little bit about just an overview of fuel to electric It sounds like we're doing a transition or doing some kind of EV transition Tell us what that's all about exactly 

Fuel2Electric (AI transcript): Our platform operates similarly to Airbnb, but for EV conversions. We connect individuals and utility fleets who are interested in transitioning their classic cars or fleets to electric. For classic car owners, instead of buying a new electric vehicle, like a Tesla, we offer the option to convert your existing car to electric. We have the largest network of EV conversion professionals available. When you approach us, we discuss your project in detail. We stay neutral in terms of brand preferences and focus on understanding your car's condition, your specific requirements for the conversion, your expectations, and your budget. Once we determine that your project is feasible, we share it with our network of vendors. Interested vendors then provide you with one or multiple quotes, giving you options to choose from. Essentially, we guide you through the entire process of converting your vehicle to electric, ensuring it meets your needs and expectations.

CoHost, Mike (AI transcript): I would have thought this was more of a niche market, especially for classic cars that hold historical value and can't simply be replaced with something new. Updating these vehicles to the 21st century makes perfect sense. However, I'm surprised to learn that this is also economically viable for cities and fleet operators. It sounds like your network includes a significant number of professionals who can handle these conversions. Are these conversions a full-time business for them, or is it more of a side project? In other words, are they primarily mechanics who also offer this service, or have some businesses been established solely for converting vehicles to electric?

Fuel2Electric (AI transcript): In our network of 80 vendors, we have shops that specialize in EV conversions, with proven track records and adherence to high voltage standards. We ensure these professionals are experienced and dedicated to EV conversions, which helps us deliver quality results. To give you some context, at SEMA last year, many shops approached us saying their customers were asking for EV conversions, but they didn’t know how to start. It's a common scenario: a shop attempts to handle it on its own but struggles with the complexities. That's where we come in. We connect them with experts to guide their first conversion. Once they've successfully completed it, they can join our network and receive more customers. These shop owners realize that EV conversion is rapidly becoming the next big trend, much like the LS swap was. They feel like the train is leaving the station, and they want to be part of it - they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

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