EV4U Custom Conversions

Our goal is to help you convert from internal combustion to electric. By teaching you how to design and build a safe, simple, reliable, and economical conversion. We have over 300 YouTube videos to help with common questions. However, YouTube videos are only the tip of the iceberg. From a customer: "If you're looking for information about a Do-It-Yourself EV conversion, look no further. Richard and EV4U have what you need to succeed. After purchasing an EV kit from another supplier, I was very disappointed by the lack of information and support. Hoping to fill the gaps in my knowledge, I turned to EV4U's Online EV Workshop. Bottom line, EV4U gave me the information I needed to make good choices about converting my vehicle. They provided not only general electrical education, but "how to" demonstrations and the information I needed to personalize my installation. I couldn't have completed my project as quickly, or professionally, without their help. EV4U’s Online EV Workshop was worth every penny!" Chris from Salt Lake City, Utah