Frequently Asked Questions

Last Modified: January 25, 2024

We’re more than a marketplace; we’re the first and only full-service network of EV conversion shops. When working with us to convert your car, you throw in your two cents, and we give you a whole dollar’s worth of answers.

What makes Fuel2Electric different?

Fuel2Electric is more than just a marketplace, it is the first multivendor marketplace dedicated to electric conversion.

For the first time,

You can submit your electric conversion project online and pose questions to multiple vendors at once

You will receive proposals from the vendors and experts interested in your project

You can shop for everything you need for your electric conversion projects online, from different vendors, from one website, in one cart

You can compare products and reviews

Seamlessly you will save time and enjoy your electric drive faster

Fuel2Electric’s “your electric conversion project”, “compare” tool and reviews will benefit customers and vendors by facilitating collaboration between with the whole electric conversion community worldwide.


We Bring Together A Community, You compare And Get Answers!

What is “My Electric Conversion Project”?

What is “My Electric Conversion Project”? It’s like having a personal electric conversion guide. You submit your project and tell us what you’re dreaming of, and we map it out, step by step, until you’re ready to roll.


As soon as you order “My Electric Conversion Project” we will drive you through :

The definition of your project and expectations

The publication of your project online

The comparison of the proposals you have received from vendors and experts

The orders management

The tracking of your progress until you hit the road

How does “My Electric Conversion Project” work?

You send us your project, we put it out there for our network to persue, and the offers start rolling in. Experts interested in your project will then submit confidential proposals through the platform. You chat, you charm, you cherry-pick the best deals. We organize Q&A sessions with the experts so you can express all your enthusiasm and doubts, and get answers right away, until everything is clear in your head, from the payment of the deposit to a 5 year warranty deal, we are here to help. And when you’re ready to hit the checkout, we celebrate your project kick off together and document your project page all the way until you hit the road.

Can I buy “My Electric Conversion Project” without a selected vehicle?

Sure, having a donor vehicle ready makes things smoother, but we’re all about flexibility. Whether you’re cloning a classic or going off-the-rack with a conversion kit, we’ve got you covered.

How to Convert Car to Electric - Choosing Your Steed: 

- Here’s the skinny on snagging the perfect ride for your electric escapade:

- Keep the good stuff, ditch the ICE bits. Almost nothing other than the motor, exhaust, gas tank, and the transmission is normally removed from the donor. Make sure the rest of the car is tip top shape to avoid any hiccups during and after conversion.

- Remember the big three: stellar brakes, sturdy suspensions, and saying sayonara to rust.
Manual vs. Automatic? Manual takes first prize for driving experience, performance, and range. Or go wild with no transmission at all. This is the usual choice for most of our customers. But if you’re going manual and need an adaptor plate, check with us, and we’ll tell you if it needs a custom touch.

- Don’t forget the essentials: power steering, heater, AC—all need a rethink for your electric ride.

- No rush. This is your baby, your masterpiece. Take your time and pick a winner for your donor car.

- We also provide do-it-yourself electric car conversion kits for the gearheads out there looking to have a good time.

How much time does it take to publish a project online?

From a spark of an idea to full-blown plans, we’ll take 1 to 5 days to polish your project until it shines bright enough for the world to see. The better the picture quality, the quicker we can get the project ready for our network.

How Much Does it Cost to Convert Car to Electric?

This is a deciding factor for many of our customers. Unfortunately, it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. The price swings based on many factors, including:

- The make and model of your ride.

- The battery that’s going to keep you moving.

- The motor that suits your style.

- The controller that’s the brain of the operation.

- The charger that’s your nightly pit stop.

- The conversion kit that brings it all together.

- The labor - because good work doesn’t come cheap.

- The tax breaks and incentives that sweeten the deal.

We have an in-depth article ballparking conversion costs ranging from simple jobs to top-of-the-line conversion projects here.

How does shipping work?

You drop us the address, we do the math. Taxes, shipping, the whole nine yards, all wrapped up at checkout. Tracking numbers are available from: My Account / Orders. If you’re going bespoke with a service, our vendor will contact you after checkout and calculate the cost of shipping offline.

How does return, refund and repair work?

Got a problem with your order? Check out ‘My Account / Orders’ and let us know what’s wrong - wrong item, incorrect description, or a damaged item. Lay out what you need, and we’ll make it right, whether it’s a replacement by warranty, repair job, or credit for future purchases. Vendors may promptly accept, calculate, and process returns, refunds, or repairs in accordance with our Terms of Use and Vendor’s Agreement. The vendor may promptly route any payments to customers concerning the transactions through the Fuel2Electric website or otherwise if all parties agree. Just remember, our cut of the deal is non-refundable.

How does cancellation work?

Change of heart? No problem. You can call it quits on any order through ‘My Account / Orders / Message / Open dispute’. Let us know what happened in the comments, and we’ll sort you out.

Vendors may promptly accept, calculate, and process cancellation and refund in accordance with the Terms of Used and Vendor’s Agreement.

The vendor may promptly route any payments to customers in connection with the transactions through the Fuel2Electric website or otherwise if all parties agree.

Why are only deposits for services paid online?

Services are a different beast from the goodies on the shelf. We handle the deposit, and you and the vendor figure out the rest, heart-to-heart, after checkout. It’s all about trust and handshakes here.

Orders include delivery by the vendor and warranty/guarantees for which the vendor alone assumes full responsibility.

What are the payment methods?

For products, you pay upfront, right on the website, with any plastic or digital wallet you’ve got handy. For services, just deposit online to get a slot in your vendor’s waiting list, and you settle the bill later. We use wire transfers to avoid high payment processing fees on top of the cost of your conversion.

What are Fuel2Electric’s fees?

For you, the customer, there’s a 0% service fee at checkout. For the vendors, there’s a modest 5% to 15% per transaction.


You Sell, We Feature Projects, We Promote!

Why should I become a vendor on fuel2Electric?

  1. Seamless Entry: Sign up, scout the landscape of featured projects, and submit confidential proposals for free.

  2. Hassle-Free Marketplace: Launch your offerings on Fuel2Electric in a single day - no backstage tech fuss.

  3. Your Spotlight: Shine a light on what you do best, while we handle the logistics, from securing transactions to managing the coordination of delivery. We advertise the shop, the brand, the skills, the builds on social media (IG, FB, LinkedIn) and our partners SEMA, Electrify Expo, EV Builder's Guide, Ohm on the Range, Out of Specs Renew all work to increase your visibility.

  4. Camaraderie of a Network: Engage with a community of fellow enthusiasts and conversion experts, all while we amplify your presence in this exclusive electric conversion world.

How do I become a vendor?

Free sign-ups, timely payouts.

Step 1: Apply for access. We’re curating a network of trustworthy talent, and we’ll need to know your professional portfolio before we open the door.

Step 2Create your vendor profile. Think of it as your bio - let it showcase your business’s character and credibility. Provide your phone number, your identity’s proof, and the bank account details where your sales proceeds should be directed (and we’re all for Stripe, the critics’ choice).

Step 3: Don’t panic. When you submit your first proposal, we show you the ins and outs of the process. Nothing goes to the project owner before we ensure that you’re ready for the project. Remember, we’re partners now.

Step 4: Debut your catalog. Our ‘compare’ function stands out by guaranteeing accurate product recordings, making your listings readily discoverable, searchable, and easily comparable for customers.

Step 5: Satisfy customers with timely, world-class service. Be attentive and responsive. Be the vendor that always gets called back and recommended for more.

Step 6: Let the sales begin! Take your bow as the crowd goes wild.

Can anyone sell on FUEL2ELECTRIC?

Fuel2Electric is all about passion and professionalism. While anyone can apply for access, we maintain sole discretion in deciding who’s eligible for entry to the network.

To qualify as a Fuel2Electric vendor, you will need to showcase your expertise, demonstrate track record, and provide reviews from clients. A prerequisite for builders includes having at least one successfully completed project along with a testimonial from the customer.

We may suspend or terminate your use of the Website or any services immediately if we determine that:

- you have breached the Vendor’s Agreement

- your account has been or may have been used for deceptive or fraudulent, or illegal activity; or

- your use of the Website has harmed or may harm any person or property.

How can a Vendor submit a proposal?

To submit a proposal, you must be listed as a Vendor.

  1. Create a new cart with your products and/or services from the marketplace. Or reuse an existing proposal. More details here.

  2. From the project’s page of your choice, click on “Submit a Proposal” to convert your cart into a proposal,

  3. Give a name to your proposal and validity date.

  4. Confirm and that’s it!

If you are not a vendor, you can create a Wish List, copy the link, and submit it in a comment.

How many proposals will I receive for My Electric Conversion Project?

We publish projects that we consider mature, coherent and complete. However, vendors are independent and Fuel2Electric does not guarantee a minimum number of proposals.

To prevent enthusiasts from not receiving a proposal, Fuel2electric advertises to vendors listed on the website but also to vendors not yet listed on the website. Each project is unique and different. We strive to make sure vendors have clarity and understand the true value of each project.

As a vendor, what are my commitments?

There is no vendor's commitment to Fuel2Electric. The hosting of the vendor on the website is free and the vendor can close his account when he or she wishes, with the provision that orders in progress are completed.

However, from the time my proposal has been sent to a project owner, I undertake to continue all exchanges with this enthusiast through the website.

If a decision is made to close my account with Fuel2Electric, I commit to the enthusiasts and customers of the website by

Delivering products and services ordered from the website,

Delivering after sales support and warranty on products or services sold on the website.

As an enthusiast, what are my commitments?

From the moment I received a proposal from a vendor, I will undertake to continue all exchanges with this vendor through the website.

I undertake to rate and comments on Vendors and Experts who have participated in various ways in my project.