Frequently Asked Questions

Last Modified: January 25, 2024

What makes Fuel2Electric different?

Fuel2Electric is more than just a marketplace, it is the first multivendor marketplace dedicated to electric conversion.

For the first time,

You can submit your electric conversion project online and pose questions to multiple vendors at once

You will receive proposals from the vendors and experts interested in your project

You can shop for everything you need for your electric conversion projects online, from different vendors, from one website, in one cart

You can compare products and reviews

Seamlessly you will save time and enjoy your electric drive faster

Fuel2Electric’s “your electric conversion project”, “compare” tool and reviews will benefit customers and vendors by facilitating collaboration between with the whole electric conversion community worldwide.


We Bring Together A Community, You compare And Get Answers!

What is “My Electric Conversion Project”?

With “My Electric Conversion Project” Fuel2Electric helps you to define your electric conversion project, based on your requirements, your constraints, and your expectations.


As soon as you order “My Electric Conversion Project” we will drive you through :

The definition of your project and expectations

The publication of your project online

The comparison of the proposals you have received from vendors and experts

The orders management

The tracking of your progress until you hit the road

How does “My Electric Conversion Project” work?

Fuel2Electric helps you define your electric conversion project and then publish it online.

Vendors and experts interested in the project submit confidential proposals through the platform.

From there, you

receive a notification every time a proposal is submitted for your project

exchange information with vendors and experts 

select only the products and/or services you need

Fuel2electric will review proposals and will help you with any questions or concerns.

When your cart is ready, you checkout like any other online marketplace.

We calculate shipping costs and taxes.

We track shipping and payments while you prepare yourself for a new driving experience.

Can I buy “My Electric Conversion Project” without a selected vehicle?

Yes, you can, however, it makes it easier to determine viability and cost if you have selected a vehicle.

Your electric conversion project typically starts when you have selected a vehicle for the project, with few exceptions. For example:

You want to replicate an existing project,

You plan to use an electric conversion kit already available.

Here are six valuable tips when selecting your donor vehicle :

1. Besides the motor unit, the exhaust, the gas tank, and sometimes the transmission, almost nothing else is removed from the car, that’s the beauty of it! On the other hand, you have to ensure everything else is in good condition to avoid added expenses and setbacks during the conversion and after.

2. Top 3:

Because you will have full torque at 0rpm, you need good brakes

Because the balance of the car will probably be modified (electricmotors are lighter than ICE but batteries are heavy), you need reliable suspensions

Rust - as always

3. The vehicle's driving experience, performance, and range will all be improved with manual transmission compared to an automatic transmission. No transmission is also an option.

4. The connection between the electric motor and the transmission requires an adaptor plate. Some are available on the market, and others require to be 3D modeled before being custom-made. To determine whether your adaptor plate is available for order, send the reference of your transmission to the adaptor plate’s vendor.

5. Original power steering, heater, and AC rely on ICE motor and must be considered during the conversion.

6. Don’t rush your electric conversion project. Take the time to select a good vehicle.

Because we understand that finding the perfect donor vehicle takes time, and detailed pictures may not be available, we can put your project on hold for 90 days to allow time for that process. After 90 days, we will close your project. Of course, you will be able to start a new project whenever you are ready. 

How much time does it take to publish a project online?

It usually takes between 1 and 5 days, depending on the complexity and maturity of the project. We take the necessary time to understand the project as clearly as possible before we publish it online.

Picture quality and diversity will have an effect on project readiness for publication.

How does shipping work?

The customer provides the delivery address at checkout.

Taxes and shipping are calculated at checkout based on the delivery address and will be included in the final price. Tracking numbers are available from: My Account / Orders.

When a service is included in a proposal, the vendor contacts the customer after checkout and calculates the cost of shipping offline.

How does return, refund and repair work?

For any of the products paid online, customers will request a refund of their order from their account: My Account / Orders.

Customers will explain the reason: “Wrong item”, “Wrong description”, or "Damaged item”, and specify their expectations to the vendor: “send a replacement if within the warranty”, “Repair and ship back” or “Give me credit for future purchase”. Comments are strongly recommended.

Vendors may promptly accept, calculate, and process returns, refunds, or repairs in accordance with the Terms of Used and Vendor’s Agreement.

The vendor may promptly route any payments to customers concerning the transactions through the Fuel2Electric website or otherwise if all parties agree.

Fuel2Electric’s per-transaction fees cannot be canceled and are non-refundable.

Electric Project application cost (“My Electric Conversion Project”) is not refundable.

How does cancellation work?

For any order completed online, customers will request the cancellation of their order directly from their account: My Account / Orders / Message / Open dispute.

Customers will explain the reason in the comment section.

Vendors may promptly accept, calculate, and process cancellation and refund in accordance with the Terms of Used and Vendor’s Agreement.

The vendor may promptly route any payments to customers in connection with the transactions through the Fuel2Electric website or otherwise if all parties agree.

Fuel2Electric’s fees cannot be canceled and are non-refundable.

Why are only deposits for services paid online?

Services included in a proposal are different from products sold in the store,

For all parties involved in the project, only the deposit is settled/paid though Fuel2Electric. After checkout, the remaining balance is settled/paid directly between the customer and vendor.

Fuel2electric is an intermediary and charges a service fee only in this context.

After checkout, the customer and vendor(s) confirm payment terms of the remaining balance together.

Orders include delivery by the vendor and warranty/guarantees for which the vendor alone assumes full responsibility.

What are the payment methods?

All products displayed on the website are paid in full at checkout by customers on the website with credit or debit card or other online payment method available at the time of checkout. Off-line wires to Fuel2Electric may be relevant in some cases.

For services included in a proposal, deposit is paid online with credit or debit card or other online payment method available at the time of checkout. Off-line wires to Fuel2Electric may be relevant in some cases. After checkout, remaining balances will be settled/paid directly between the customer and vendor.

What are Fuel2Electric’s fees?

For customers, Fuel2Electric’s service fee is 0% of the total price indicated at checkout (without shipping). 

For vendors: between 5% and 15% per transaction fee. 

Fuel2Electric’s fee is not refundable.

The offer "$1,000 off to celebrate 1000 followers" is only available on your electric conversion project confirmed with a builder on and through Fuel2Electric. It may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion that we run on our website. $1,000 is a one-time discount on a complete EV Conversion that’s been approved and accepted. The offer is limited to only one "$1,000 off to celebrate 1000 followers" per order, per person, per address for the duration of the offer (If you place more than one order with us in the period the offer is running, you will only receive $1,000 once after your first order), until January 31st, 2023. This offer is valid from December 23, 2022, to January 31st, 2023 (EXPIRED). Products from the "Store" are not eligible for the "$1,000 off to celebrate 1000 followers" offer.


You Sell, We Feature Projects, We Promote!

Why should I become a vendor on fuel2Electric?

It’s easy

Sign up, browse featured projects and submit confidential proposals for free

Sell your products and services on Fuel2Electric in one day, no custom development

You focus on your core business

Remain independent and provide after-sales technical support

Interact with the Fuel2Electric community about products and projects

We secure the order and payment, collect tax, coordinate shipping and promote your business

Join the first and only multi-vendor marketplace dedicated to electric conversion

Enjoy the process 

Grow your reputation

How do I become a vendor?

Free sign-up. Timely payouts.

Step 1: Apply for a vendor account

Because our goal is to build trust between our vendors and project owners, we set a high bar for the electric conversion community. FUEL2ELECTRIC will review your application and may ask you more details about your qualification, experience, and references.

Step 2: Create a vendor profile

Along with your business email address, you will provide phone number, identification, and bank account information where FUEL2ELECTRIC can send you proceeds from your sales (we strongly recommend Stripe)

Set your company profile: logo, contacts, experience, and shipping methods.

Step 3: Create or import your catalog of products (we can do it for you)

FUEL2ELECTRIC’s “compare” tool is unique in the electric conversion world; we will make sure the attributes of your products are recorded correctly so your listing is easy to find, searchable, and available for comparison by customers.

Step 4: Satisfy customers with prompt world-class service

We will send you notifications about new projects and new products.

You will send proposals to project owners and answer questions.

Be attentive and responsive. Take care of your products quality. Act fast.

Step 5: Start Selling!

Can anyone sell on FUEL2ELECTRIC?

Fuel2electric provides a meeting place for enthusiasts and professionals.

Vendors on our website are independent professionals who offer services and/or products.

We require vendors and experts to provide certain information before they can sell on the website. Then, we may, in our sole discretion, decline an applicant.

To qualify as a Fuel2Electric vendor, you will need to showcase your expertise, demonstrate track record, and provide reviews from clients. A prerequisite for builders includes having at least one successfully completed project along with a testimonial from the customer. Additionally, accreditation and training certifications will soon be taken into account. 

We may suspend or terminate your use of the Website or any services immediately if we determine that:

you have breached the Vendor’s Agreement

your account has been or may have been used for deceptive or fraudulent, or illegal activity; or

your use of the Website has harmed or may harm any person or property.

How can a Vendor submit a proposal?

To submit a proposal, you must be listed as a Vendor

Create a new cart with your products and/or services from the marketplace. Or reuse an existing proposal,

From the project’s page of your choice, click on “Submit a Proposal” to convert your cart into a proposal,

Give a name to your proposal and validity date.

Confirm and that’s it!

If you are not a vendor, you can create a Wish List, copy the link, and submit it in a comment. That works too!

How many proposals will I receive for My Electric Conversion Project?

We publish projects that we consider mature, coherent and complete. However, vendors are independent and Fuel2Electric does not guarantee a minimum number of proposals.

To prevent enthusiasts from not receiving a proposal, Fuel2electric advertises to vendors listed on the website but also to vendors not yet listed on the website. Each project is unique and different. We strive to make sure vendors have clarity and understand the true value of each project.

As a vendor, what are my commitments?

There is no vendor's commitment to Fuel2Electric. The hosting of the vendor on the website is free and the vendor can close his account when he or she wishes, with the provision that orders in progress are completed.

However, from the time my proposal has been sent to a project owner, I undertake to continue all exchanges with this enthusiast through the website.

If a decision is made to close my account with Fuel2Electric, I commit to the enthusiasts and customers of the website by

Delivering products and services ordered from the website,

Delivering after sales support and warranty on products or services sold on the website.

As an enthusiast, what are my commitments?

From the moment I received a proposal from a vendor, I will undertake to continue all exchanges with this vendor through the website.

I undertake to rate and comments on Vendors and Experts who have participated in various ways in my project.