Inductive Autoworks

Go green, and get something extra for it.

At Inductive, our mission is to help bring electric vehicle technology into the mainstream. We provide the parts, resources, and services to turn your internal combustion vehicle into an electric one. 

Our experienced staff of engineers, mechanics, programmers, and machinists can provide anything and everything you need to complete your project.

Our mission is to help bring electric vehicles into the mainstream by providing the knowledge, parts, and service to convert internal combustion vehicles into electric ones.

Inductive Autoworks was founded in 2020 by Jonathan Untied, Joseph Monasky, and Dennis Manning. We realized, between the three of us, that we had the perfect cross section of skills and experience to achieve the goal of lowering the bar to entry into the custom electric vehicle space for all.

We are passionate about automotive style and performance, as well as efficiency and environmental responsiblity. We seek to reduce the overall automotive carbon footprint, as well as keep existing combustion engine vehicles out of landfills. We also know that we have what it takes to meet those goals and still produce a vehicle that looks good and is fun to drive.

While we do perform EV conversions, Inductive is primarily a product development and manufacturing company. At our 4000sq ft facility in Tolland, CT we house a CNC machine shop, an electronics lab, and an automotive work area. Here, we develop and test components to fill gaps in the electric conversion market.

Ultimately we are working towards a complete and cohesive gas to electric conversion system. The components of the system will be pre-designed to work with each other and provide everything needed for an EV conversion. The installer will then only need some basic fabrication skills in order to mount the components in the vehicle of their choice.


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