Moment Motor Company

Moment Motor Company transforms vintage head-turners into modern electric cars that deliver mind-blowing power and never leave you stranded. We offer torque without torment, modernizing the parts of your baby that need it while preserving the art and beauty that drew you to her in the first place. Whether you already own the perfect candidate or need help finding your dream car, the team at Moment is ready to help transform your classic  to electric power. 

Once the perfect vehicle is selected and in the shop, you’ll not only be able to come visit any time you want, but you’ll also have a private blog of the entire process you can share with your (envious) friends & family. We update the blog weekly so you know exactly what has been done on your car at all times. 


  1. Acquisition and Assessment: If you don’t already own the vehicle, we help you find one that is as close to ideal as possible. Once the vehicle is in the shop, we assess the condition and make notes of all enhancements we recommend and you desire.

  2. Internal Combustion Engine Removal: The messy part. We remove the original engine and all of its related parts. We can prep the engine for sale or storage upon request.

  3. Enhancement/Restoration: If a full restoration is in order, we strip the car of all parts and trim and begin the restoration process. If the vehicle is not being restored, we begin making any enhancements that were identified in the assessment process.

  4. Engineering and Fabrication: If your car is the same model as one that Moment has converted before, we begin manufacturing parts for conversion. If the vehicle is new to Moment, we begin the engineering and design process to customize our Modular Motor and Battery systems to your vehicle.

  5. Installation: The process of getting our new heart beating inside of your old soul.

  6. Testing: Our rigorous testing program doesn’t only make sure everything works as planned, but also that the end result is what you expected (or better). We make modifications and adjustments during this process as required.


How much does it cost?

The short answer is a wide range: roughly $75K - $150K to transform your classic into a Moment, depending on the type of car, its existing condition and need/desire for restoration, the power and performance you are going for, and a few dozen other factors. We’ve transformed a wide variety of vehicles by now, so we can talk through all of your options and whether they’ll fit in your budget.

When can I get started?

Moment currently has a waiting period of about a year.  Don’t worry - these months tend to breeze by as we take on the exciting challenge of finding the perfect donor vehicle and working through any pre-conversion restoration.

In the meantime, check out some current Moment transformations: