PolyKup Inc

Polykup specializes in EV conversions and EV hardware. 

The PolyKup MCU (Main Computer Unit) has been meticulously designed for use in electric vehicles. Standard features include a gorgeous and smooth interface for displaying all critical vehicle functionalities such as speed, rpm, battery state of charge, etc.

Additional features include Navigation, Bluetooth, TPMS, and so much more! 

Cheaper to operate and maintain

Electric motors are very efficient. It is not uncommon for them to reach 95% or more efficiency. Compare that two the best gasoline engines that produce about 25% efficiency. That means cheaper fuel with the average annual cost being $600. In addition, since they never require oil changes or tune ups they make ideal choices for classic cars that spend most of their time sitting around.

Performance with no sacrifice

While performance often comes at the expense of fuel economy in a traditional vehicle, EV’s make no such sacrifice. Infact since electric motors are so efficient and so powerful, they do not even require transmissions.

Quiet, Clean, and fill up at home

EV’s are remarkably quiet. Enjoy your commute with peace and serenity. No more diversions to fill up at gas stations. Instead come home and plug in there. It will be ready in the morning.