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Vero BMS V2

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The Vero BMS V2 supports up to 62 Tesla Model S/X battery modules in any parallel/series configuration. The Vero BMS V2 is compatible with the Vero BMS Display, SimpCharge, and the 400A Current Sensor. Questions? Contact us and we’ll help you out!

  • $929.00

Introducing the Vero BMS V2, the next evolution in our line of flagship battery management systems. Building upon the acclaimed foundation of the original Vero BMS, the V2 elevates battery management to new heights. Complete with our brand-new Control Center software for easy setup and monitoring, dedicated battery heating and cooling control outputs, automatic regenerative braking on/off control, and support for free over-the-air feature updates, the V2 further refines the battery management experience. Just like the original Vero BMS, the V2 seamlessly integrates with Tesla battery modules with our proprietary plug-and-play Modular Tesla Wiring Harness system and is elegantly housed in an anodized aluminum CNC enclosure.

Included in your purchase:
– Vero BMS V2 unit
– Plugs and Connectors for the Vero BMS V2
– Micro-USB power and data cable for setup and monitoring
– Plug-and-Play Modular Tesla Wiring Harness for up to 4 Tesla S/X battery modules (additional module connections are $8 each, up to a max of 62 per BMS)
– Unlimited free setup help/project guidance over the phone/email!

  Vero BMS

   Next-Gen Tesla BMS 


The Vero BMS V2 works differently from other BMSes. Instead of relying on an unpredictable and expensive external balancing system, the Vero BMS V2 utilizes the high-quality OEM Tesla balance boards on each module to monitor for faults and keep the cells balanced. By communicating with the balance boards, the Vero BMS V2 takes advantage of the millions of dollars of research and development that went into developing the Tesla balance boards.



At only $929, the Vero BMS V2 significantly undercuts competing BMS systems, especially when working with many modules. Building on the success of the original Vero BMS, the Vero BMS V2 further simplifies the battery management process with a brand-new user interface and dedicated outputs to control battery thermals, regenerative braking, and more. As the only BMS on the market with true plug-and-play setup with Tesla Model S/X battery modules, the Vero BMS V2 can be configured to monitor voltage (at the cell, module, and pack level), temperature at each battery terminal, and state-of-charge (SoC) of your Tesla battery modules in mere minutes. 




  • Supports up to 62 Tesla Model S/X Battery modules
  • Communication with other components over CANbus
  • Full contactor control
  • Temperature, voltage, and current monitoring

  • Vero BMS V2 – $929 (includes connections for 4 Tesla modules)
  • 4-inch Touchscreen Display – $120
  • 400A Analog Current Sensor – $100
  • SimpCharge EVSE Controller (for EV conversions) – $80
  • Additional Tesla Module Connections – $8/module





Our brand-new Vero BMS V2 Control Center setup and monitoring utility is easy to learn and navigate. The status of your connected modules and all BMS information is readily displayed on the home page, and BMS settings are just a click away. Advanced configurability allows you to set balancing voltage to the precision of 0.001v and set parameters for discharge/charge rates, temperature, charging cutoff, and much more. Unlike competing BMS systems, no special wiring or CAN-to-USB device is required to monitor your BMS: simply plug your Vero BMS V2 into a computer using the included micro-USB cable, open the V2 Control Center utility, and you’re good to go!

All important information can be displayed in real time on the optional 4 inch Vero BMS display. Wiring up the display is easy with the included connector set. The Vero BMS V2 also supports analog gauge readouts for SoC.

Looking for a BMS solution for your Tesla battery modules? Reach out to us today!

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