Submit My First Proposal

To submit a proposal, you must be listed as a Vendor

  • Create a new cart with products from the marketplace and/or your services. Or reuse an existing proposal;
  • From the project’s page of your choice, click on “Submit a Proposal” to convert your cart into a proposal;
  • Give a name to your proposal and validity date.

Confirm, that’s it!

If you are not a vendor, you can create a Wishlist, copy the link, and submit it in a comment, it works too!

To create a proposal from scratch:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the products listing page (Catalog > Products): 
  • Add product
  • The Description and the Price are required, and if necessary, attachments, etc.
  • Turn “Service” ON Graphical user interface, application, Word

Description automatically generated

This toggle converts the current product into a Service. Services are not displayed in the store. They are available in the “My Services” menu and can only be added to proposals. 

  1. In your store, in the My services menu:
  • Add your service to your cart,
  • On the project page, by clicking on “Submit Proposal”, everything in your cart will be submitted to the project owner. 

How to