Submit My First Proposal

To submit a proposal, you must be listed as a Vendor

  • Create a new cart with products from the marketplace and/or your services. Or reuse an existing proposal;
  • From the project’s page of your choice, click on “Submit a Proposal” to convert your cart into a proposal;
  • Give a name to your proposal and validity date.

Confirm, that’s it!

If you are not a vendor, you can create a Wishlist, copy the link, and submit it in a comment, it works too!

To create a proposal from scratch:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the products listing page (Catalog > Products): 
  • Add product
  • The Description and the Price are required, and if necessary, attachments, etc.
    • Turn “Service” ON Graphical user interface, application, Word  Description automatically generated

This toggle converts the current product into a Service. Services are not displayed in the store. They are available in the “My Services” menu and can only be added to proposals. 

  • Hit “Send for approval.” You'll receive a notification once the Fuel2Electric team approves it.

  1. In your store, in the My services menu:
  • Add your service to your cart,
  • On the project page, clicking “Submit Proposal” will submit everything in your cart to the project owner.

How to