Motortopia | The Most Ambitious Vehicle Upcycling Project Of All Time Has A Name: Fuel2Electric.

Fayetteville, AR – May 9th, 2024 – In an unprecedented switch up within the automotive industry, Fuel2Electric (F2E) emerges as the most ambitious vehicle upcycling project of all time. Spearheaded by a visionary trio, F2E is transforming the electric vehicle (EV) conversion landscape. Together, they are redefining the EV space, filling the bland expanse of factory EVs with vintage automobiles, baptized in electricity. F2E is the first network of agents specializing in converting any car into an electric version, striving to lead the EV conversion game into the mainstream.

From Frustration to Triumph. F2E emerged from the smog of frustration that clouded the EV conversion landscape. The thought of transforming a classic internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle into an EV riding an electric powertrain was inconceivable for most. The need for clarity is what inspired the inception of F2E. With over 70 specialized vendors and auto shops in its directory, it’s a veritable gold mine for anyone seeking conversion expertise. But that’s not all—this hub also doubles as a marketplace for necessary parts, and a staging ground for ambitious projects waiting to be brought to life.

Your Vision, Their Mission. So, what exactly is an EV conversion, and what is F2E’s mission? An EV conversion is the art of transforming traditional vehicles—whether it’s a vintage gem or a utility vehicle—into eco-friendly electric powerhouses. It’s about creating a future where we upgrade what we already have instead of throwing it away. By aligning project goals with their network of experts and enthusiasts, F2E ensures every vision is realized with precision and passion. They are not just in the business of conversions; they are here to make conversion culture mainstream, accessible, and irresistible.

“… that’s why we at Fuel2Electric dedicate our time and talent to growing the community and developing features to create access to EV conversion. By educating and facilitating the connection between project owners and professionals, folks can focus on what they love to do: hitting the road safely,” say co-founders Wilson and the Frugier brothers.

Mick, F2E project owner “Fuel to Electric puts individuals who want someone to convert their car in touch with contractors who want to convert cars for individuals. Great service for those who would rather not get their hands dirty or learn complex systems, but want a cool vehicle to drive around.”

Seamless Conversion Experience. For those embarking on the conversion journey, the project owners, F2E offers a streamlined experience from concept to completion. Once a project owner submits their vehicle online, they engage with a detailed questionnaire to refine their vision. It’s at this point all parties become aware of the realistic result of the project. Then, the project owner can kick back and watch as the F2E collective brings it to fruition.

Laurent Frugier, expressed his excitement about the numerous collaborations they created since they launched their online platform, stating, “Fuel2Electric was established with the goal of making EV conversions accessible to all automotive enthusiasts. We are thrilled to collaborate with precursors like EV West, TREMEC Electric GT, and top-notch converters like Moment Motors, Flashdrive, and 70 others – and more to come! Our platform will empower customers to confidently embark on their electrification journey, knowing they have access to top-tier products and services.”

Empowering the EV conversion community. Vendors, the vital force behind each conversion, find a thriving ecosystem within F2E. Here, they can connect with a continuous flow of projects, display their craftsmanship, and contribute to a movement that’s reshaping the automotive world. 

The F2E Brand Story. Fuel2Electric’s narrative is one of passion—for the preservation of all the classic cars in North America, for all the obsolete fleets gathering dust, and for the freedom of the open road. It’s a story of innovation, where every day brings new improvements to a service that’s changing the automotive landscape. It’s a story of connection, where project owners and professionals come together to create something beautiful.

Fuel2Electric isn’t just about keeping cars out of museums or dusty garages; it’s about setting them free on the highways, with the wind in their grilles and vigorous electric blood flowing through their veins under the hood. It’s about the future—a future where we don’t throw away the past, but infuse it with new, high-end technology instead.

About Fuel2Electric is an innovative online platform dedicated exclusively to EV conversion parts, projects, and vendors. By connecting enthusiasts with reputable vendors and providing a streamlined experience, Fuel2Electric aims to revolutionize the EV conversion landscape, making it easier and more accessible for all car enthusiasts.