ThunderStruck Motors

ThunderStruck Motors, LLC is an electric drive technology research, development and manufacturing company, as well as a retailer of electric vehicle conversion kits and components. Our mission is to encourage the use of environmentally friendly transport by the public and assist individuals with their unique conversion projects.

We've been researching, designing, converting, and building electric drag racing vehicles, motorcycles, go-carts, electric-assist bicycle trailers, junior dragsters, cars, and boats since 1996. We are constantly seeking to increase the cost effectiveness of EV technology so that someday, hopefully, we can all enjoy practical transportation and cleaner air. Our kits have a wide range of applications, from bicycles to industrial vehicles. But, our attention isn't only on land craft - one of our favorite and most popular developments is our electric sailboat kit, which has allowed sailboat owners to replace their noxious diesel engines with clean, quiet electric drives.

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