Welcome to Wrenchology! 


We have a few conversions under our belt now including our very own, daily driven, 1962 Chevrolet Corvair. Here at Wrenchology we want to help with your conversion and offer many years of automotive experience from OEM and aftermarket backgrounds. Our small shop in Southern California has been growing rapidly and looking to expand as demand grows. 

Our builds include both high and low voltage conversions and have spent lots of time completing other builds for shops that have damaged or incomplete high voltage systems. We have also worked on several Hyper9 style "kits" from other suppliers that have needed some additional help or consulting to finish the project. 

With our heavy OEM background our main goal is to make the system safe in your conversion by isolating high voltage connections and cabling. This is something frequently overlooked in conversions and we want the car to be fun and safe for everyone with out fear of being shocked by exposed connections.   

Our preferred conversions are pre-1990 vehicles but are open to hearing about your project!