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1-on-1 EV Conversion | Advice (1 hour)

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Realising an EV project is daunting: countless standards, components and acronyms. Will your project be legal to drive and will you be able to insure it? There are common pitfalls to avoid with components. Are your chosen parts going to work with each other? Get confidence by speaking to experts who have done it all. 

Plan Project

Make sure you are on the right path - changing direction late in the process will be costly. Discuss your Bill of Materials, steps of assembly and firmware programming needs before starting the project and catch issues before they arise. 

Build Project

With answers to your questions, buy parts with confidence, assemble them safely, get the right certifications and realise your project fast and efficient 🚀

Get fast and personalized help

We've spun motors since 2018, we rapid charged, we balanced batteries.
This is your shortcut - don't repeat our costly mistakes, and make sure your EV project is on a good path.

An hour with someone who has gone through the process can save you weeks in your own project 📈.

Still not convinced?
Don’t just take our word for it

Here are voices from the EV community who have seen proof of our expertise and driven the cars we have built.


Firmware programming & flashing STM32 ESP8266 

Arduino Studio 

SMD / THT Soldering 

HV system diagram design 

HV system level integration 

ChaDeMo protocol 

Type2 specification 

CCS Charging 

CAN packet debugging 

OpenInverter software and firmware 

VCU development 

Heater circuit debugging 

Vehicle input debugging 

VCU state machine 

VCU testing 

Integration testing of PCBs 

PCB design 

3D printing 

Custom BMS configuration 


Nissan Leaf Gen2 Inverter 

Nissan Leaf Gen3 Inverter 

Nissan Leaf BMS 

Nissan Leaf B52 

Mitsubishi Outlander DCDC Converter 

Mitsubishi Outlander AC Charger 

Tesla 2nd Gen 10kW AC Charger 

Tesla 3rd Gen 10kW AC Charger 

Tesla DCDC converter 

Leaf battery cells 

18650 battery cells 

Shielded HV wires 


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