Electrify | Podcast: Episode 303 with Fuel2Electric: EV Conversion

In Episode 303 of the Electrify Podcast, we’re joined by a trio of experts in the field of Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion from the company Fuel2Electric. Hosted by Jarod DeAnda, the episode dives into the fascinating world of converting classic vehicles into electric ones, and how Fuel2Electric is leading the way in this transformative space. 

  1. Fuel2Electric simplifies classic car to EV conversions with expert support and comprehensive kits.

  2. The podcast highlights environmental and social benefits of EV conversions.

  3. Fuel2Electric serves diverse project owners, emphasizing solutions over cost.

Laurent, responsible for platform and operations at Fuel2Electric, starts by emphasizing the distinctiveness of their platform. It stands out as a comprehensive solution that offers a network of professionals, part vendors, and shops to aid individuals in converting their beloved classic cars into electric vehicles. Using the example of a Triumph TR3, he illustrates how Fuel2Electric guides customers throughout the process, sparing them the hassle of scouring the internet or searching for the right shop. By sharing their project on the platform, customers receive proposals from professionals across the US and even some in Canada. Fuel2Electric’s commitment goes beyond being a “plug and play” service; they provide parts and kits, ensuring that customers have all they need for a successful EV conversion. Their dedication extends to guiding customers until they safely hit the road with their electric cars.

Jarod highlights Fuel2Electric’s collaborative approach, showcasing their partnerships with various players in the EV conversion space, including companies like EV West. This collaborative spirit makes Fuel2Electric an invaluable resource for anyone looking to embark on the journey of converting classic cars into electric vehicles.

Arno, one of the founders of Fuel2Electric, further elaborates on their mission. They are on a mission to empower both the industry and the community, aiming to assist projects of all sizes, from small DIY efforts to large-scale conversions with substantial budgets. Fuel2Electric seeks to provide answers, guidance, and a sense of community for individuals who share a passion for EV conversions.

John, another founder, brings his extensive experience in the conversion industry into the conversation. He traces his journey back to the 1970s when he began by customizing van interiors, eventually specializing in mobility conversions. Drawing parallels between his experience and the current EV conversion industry, John underscores the importance of upgrading classic vehicles’ chassis and components to make them suitable for electric drivetrains. This process not only modernizes the vehicles but also ensures their safety and performance on the road.

The conversation then dives into Fuel2Electric’s website, particularly the “My Electric Conversion Project” section. Laurent explains how individuals can engage with the platform, whether by starting a project through a questionnaire on the homepage or navigating to the dedicated project page. The questionnaire collects crucial information about the user’s goals, expectations, car condition, and budget. Based on their answers, Fuel2Electric initiates follow-up discussions to determine project feasibility.

Jarod DeAnda appreciates Fuel2Electric’s role as an intermediary, likening their platform to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for vendors. By connecting customers with the right professionals, Fuel2Electric streamlines the conversion process and ensures that each project aligns with the customer’s vision and budget.

The conversation wraps up with a discussion of the diverse range of vehicles showcased on Fuel2Electric’s Instagram. Laurent explains that their social media presence serves not only to promote Fuel2Electric but also to highlight the network of professionals and projects they support. They aim to educate people about the possibilities of EV conversions, emphasizing that it’s not only feasible but also readily available. The team expresses their commitment to working with all professionals in the EV conversion space to expand their network and help more people embark on their EV conversion journeys.

This episode of Electrify Podcast provides invaluable insights into the world of EV conversions and how Fuel2Electric is making this transition accessible and exciting for classic car enthusiasts and sustainability advocates alike. Whether you’re considering converting a vintage classic or a modern vehicle, Fuel2Electric’s comprehensive platform and network of experts are ready to guide you on your electrifying journey.

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