Going for the Juice

Why the EV conversion industry is charging ahead.


Now, the EV conversion industry is rapidly moving forward with modular retrofit kit options and matched parts and pieces, transforming the job of converting a vehicle from a months-long scavenger hunt into a clean, safe install that might even be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks. Among the companies focused on minimizing the challenge of sourcing vendors and components is Fuel2Electric. The company not only sells parts and services, but helps builders evaluate their projects, define their expectations, and connect to the appropriate vendors. Their website is a multi-vendor platform that lists more than 55 vendors.

"We realized it was hard to get information about EV conversion," says Fuel2Electric Co-Founder Laurent Frugier. "There was no single source and you had to visit many vendors to try and find solutions for your project."

Project owners benefit from Fuel2Electric's service because it offers one-stop shopping and the ability to sort out the many variables associated with EV conversion. Vendors, too, benefit from Fuel2Electic referrals because, by the time the project proposals are forwarded to vendors, they are well vetted, realistic, and with committed owners.

Theoretically, almost anything can be converted to electric propulsion, although some vehicles make more satisfactory candidates than others. Fuel2Electric Co-Founder John Wilson explained, "The more common are classic vehicles before CAN-Bus, without multiple electronic control units (ECUs), airbags and other complexities. Maybe it was their grandfather's old truck with a tired engine, maybe doesn't even start anymore but they love it. These are vehicles that are easy to pull the engine and replace with electric propulsion," he said. "Vehicles that are close to model-year '00 are also becoming more feasible for conversion, but they are more difficult to convert and more expensive." […]