Stealth EV

Stealth EV is a fully integrated EV solutions company, specializing in performance EV, Hybrid design, engineering, as well as production services.We offer comprehensive EV support for projects of all scopes and sizes, from parts and components, to consulting new projects, as well as engineering and building custom EVs from scratch. We apply the most meticulous and high precision workmanship to bring to life one-of-a-kind vehicles that will resonate with your heart. Expertise in electrical & drivetrain engineering along with his passion for new vehicle technology and fast cars is the core of Stealth EV

Our passion and focus is in perfecting each system to its maximum performance, efficiency, and quality. The visible, tangible quality in each of our builds is in the smallest of detailed precision in every part and connection integrating into a beautifully seamless system that works as good as it looks & operates with effortless power, efficiency, and reliability.