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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wonderful world of EV conversions; a place where sparks fly and innovation charges the air like a thunderstorm. In this article, we’ll be going over a few of our favorite loci of innovation in the EV world, and the hubs we frequent when we want to feel inspired.


SEMA: The Hall of Fame for Horsepower, and the New Home of EV Motors

Some folk head to Vegas for its neon charm and all-night reveries. But for us, it’s where SEMA unfolds. This cathedral of chrome is the mecca of hot rodding, innovation, and creativity. Fuel2Electric is a proud member of SEMA, and we’re in attendance every year.

What used to be a purely ICE convention shifted in 2022, when SEMA carved out a dedicated space for EV conversions. Since then, it’s grown like wildfire. EV motors now share the spotlight with superchargers and nitrous kits. This is where the silence of EVs is louder than the roar of a V8; EV motors are smaller, lighter, and deliver more horsepower than ever before. This is the place to see the finest EV conversion projects in the world on display.

State of Charge: Where Legends Go Electric, and Do it Yourself Electric Car Conversion Kits Await

In the mile-high city of Denver, against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks, there’s an event that defies convention. It’s called State of Charge, and it’s not your run-of-the-mill car show. Picture Camp David, but for EV conversion pros. This is where the best of the best gather every year. It’s a sensory symphony of lithium-ion batteries, EV motors, and the beautiful forms of classic cars humming with electric power.

Fuel2Electric has been a steadfast sponsor of this gathering since its inception. Here, kit manufacturers rub shoulders with component manufacturers and shop owners swap secrets. All sorts of celebrities have expressed enthusiasm for classic car conversions. Even Jay Leno —the chin himself—nods in approval from afar. Because he knows what everyone else at this convention knows: that the road ahead is electric, and it starts in places like SOC.

EVLC: Fun Meets Flux at This DIY EV Conversion Forum

Now, let’s drift over to the Electric Vehicle Learning Center (EVLC). They organize cool events every year: picture a parking lot dotted with converted VW buses, their old-school charm still intact but their engines swapped for electric motors and their nervous systems firing electrons. Families explore, kids wide-eyed, as experts share their secrets. They talk battery placement, regenerative braking, and the thrill of instant torque. It’s like a backstage pass to the future. And don’t be fooled by the family friendly look of the place; while these folks are friendly, they’re also serious. They’ll teach you how to turn any gas-guzzling relic into an eco-friendly chariot. It’s the kind of magic that doesn’t vanish at midnight.

Electrify Expo: A Nationwide EV Conversion Forum

For Electrify Expo 2024, Fuel2Electric headed back to Denver. However; if you can’t come say hello, don’t fret. Electrify Expo is a nationwide show, held in all big cities all across the country. This expo isn’t exclusive to the gearheads either, families stroll, sipping organic lemonade, while EV enthusiasts swap stories. It’s not just about cars either; it’s about all things electric. Scooters, solar panels, smart homes, and more are all on display here.

Holley High Voltage, Sonoma: Groundbreaking Do it Yourself Electric Car Conversion Kits

This convention is set against the backdrop of the Sonoma Raceway, as a celebration of EVs and their place in the future of motorsports. With the guidance of professional drivers like Randy Pobst, participants can push their vehicles to the limit, exploring the dynamic capabilities of electric powertrains. The event also features a car show, offering a close-up view of the creativity and engineering prowess within the EV community. Whether it’s the high-speed thrill of the world’s first 200mph EV dragster or the off-road agility of an electrified Toyota 4Runner, the Holley High Voltage Experience is a testament to the versatility and potential of electric vehicles. The downside is we don’t know when the event will take place again, even as we wish for it to come.

Cars and Coffee: A Neighborly Meetup

And finally, a neighborly meet. Every single Saturday and Sunday of every single weekend there is a Cars & Coffee event somewhere in the United States. Here, automotive enthusiasts gather and share their passions for all things on four wheels. They embrace all aspects of the future of motoring - naturally including EVs. Amidst the classic muscle and sleek sports cars, you’ll find a growing number of EVs - conversions and factory builds alike. Here, the love of the industry transcends the type of powertrain.

Whether you’re a veteran gearhead or an EV greenthumb, you’ll find that these shows and conventions are some of the most welcoming environments around. They function as celebrations of knowledge and progress, making sure that every curious attendee is satisfied. So, don’t be afraid to show up to any show on this list. After all, the fact that you’ve landing on this article shows that you’re already one of us!

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