Fayetteville, AR – October 25, 2023 – Fuel2Electric, an innovative platform designed to streamline EV conversions for car and truck enthusiasts, is proud to announce its plan to collaborate with Hypercraft, a pioneering electric vehicle powertrain manufacturing and engineering company at the forefront of the global EV industry. Anticipation surrounds this thrilling partnership, poised to deliver many advantages that will transform the realm of electric vehicle conversions, offering a smooth and effective journey for automotive enthusiasts globally.

In response to the surging interest in electric vehicles, this collaboration is designed to address the mounting need for EV conversion components worldwide. It will begin at SEMA from October 31 to November 3, 2023, featuring the Hyperpack at the Fuel2Electric booth (#24512) and its pre-order availability on www.fuel2electric.com.

Key Anticipated Advantages of the Hypercraft and Fuel2Electric Collaboration:

  • Enhanced Range of EV Products: car enthusiasts will gain access to an expanded selection of high-quality EV conversion products, featuring the latest state-of-the-art technologies to electrify their cherished classic or performance vehicles.

  • Specialized EV Conversion Components and Information: By focusing exclusively on EV conversion components and information, this collaboration aims to provide customers with access to the most accurate and up-to-date resources, facilitating a smoother and more rewarding conversion journey.

  • Streamlined Comprehensive Shopping Experience: Fuel2Electric introduces an innovative feature where enthusiasts can submit their EV conversion project online and receive multiple proposals from reputable vendors, all in one convenient location. This groundbreaking approach empowers customers to compare and select the best options, greatly simplifying decision-making.

"We are proud to introduce the Hyperpack product to the Fuel2Electric platform and contribute to boosting the surging enthusiasm for EV conversions." said Kirk Miller, VP of Direct Components at Hypercraft. " This partnership reinforces Hypercraft’s dedication to fostering the performance aftermarket and expanding the community of electric vehicle enthusiasts."

Laurent Frugier, one of the Co-founders of Fuel2Electric, shared his excitement regarding the collaborative partnership, stating, "Fuel2Electric was established with the goal of making EV conversions accessible to all automotive enthusiasts. We are thrilled to collaborate with Hypercraft to enhance our offerings. Our platform will empower customers to confidently embark on their electrification journey, knowing they have access to top-tier products and services."

For more information about Fuel2Electric and Hypercraft's collaboration or to explore the comprehensive range of EV conversion products and services, please visit www.fuel2electric.com.

About Fuel2Electric

Fuel2Electric is an innovative online platform dedicated exclusively to EV conversion shops, projects and parts. By connecting enthusiasts with reputable vendors and providing a streamlined experience, Fuel2Electric aims to revolutionize the EV conversion landscape, making it easier and more accessible for all car enthusiasts.

Investor Relations and Media, please contact: laurent@fuel2electric.com

About Hypercraft

Hypercraft is a pioneering electric vehicle powertrain manufacturing and engineering company at the forefront of revolutionizing the global electric vehicle industry, with locations in Provo, Utah and Carson, Calif. Founded in 2020, its mission is to democratize access to cutting edge, electric and hybrid powertrain systems by developing the most advanced, off-the-shelf, OEM-grade powertrains that are ready to integrate into a wide array of short and long-range vehicles. In pursuit of this mission, Hypercraft has helped reshape the landscape of electric vehicle manufacturing for major OEMs and builders in the Racing, Street, Commercial, Marine and Defense industries. 

Product inquiries, please contact: kirk@hypercraftusa.com.

Media inquiries, please contact: hypercraft@gallerypr.com.