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HyperPack Energy – Modular EV Battery (Pre-Order Deposit)

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Unit Costs $6,500 each per 10kWh pack.

To reserve, $100 per HyperPack due at checkout, with remaining balance due when order is ready to ship. All orders will begin shipping in Q1 of 2024 in the order they were received. 

Minimum two (2) packs per order. Review the product spec sheet attached to determine the necessary number of HyperPacks for your configuration.

  • $200.00

We’re making it easier and more affordable than ever to lock in the very best battery modules for your EV build. Now, for just $100 per unit, you can reserve our HyperPack Energy modular battery system. From corrosive saltwater applications, to the abuse of off-road and on-track racing, HyperPack Energy is battle tested and ready for any build.

We’re big fans of the second hand EV parts industry, but some builds demand premium, all-new parts crafted from all-new components. The HyperPack’s IP65 aluminum enclosure houses everything you’d expect from a premium energy storage system, including BMS, thermal management, high voltage switching and interlock, plug and play connectors, and the ability to integrate with AEM VCUs.

Because HyperPacks can be connected together to create up to 120kW of capacity, and are available in 400, 600, and 800 volts, they’re a perfect fit for projects of any size, shape, or type.

Why choose HyperPack Energy?

Packs feature built-in BMS, reducing the wiring process to simple low voltage and CAN bus harness connections

Thermal management is built in, eliminating the need for any thermal engineering during integration

Hassle-free AN fittings ensure a secure and leak-free thermal management loop
Packs are structurally designed, reducing the need for additional support frames or enclosures

Integrated mounting and pickup locations create unlimited flexibility in stacking and mounting packs

Uniform sizes make it easy to mount packs anywhere and distribute weight across the entire chassis

All orders will begin shipping in Q1 of 2024 in the order they were received.


    • SKU
  • Capacity (kWh)
  • Minimum Voltage (V)
    40 / 60 / 80 / 120
  • Maximum Voltage (V)
    67.2 / 100.8 / 134.4 / 201.6
  • Capacity (Ah)
    176.4 / 117.6 / 88.2 / 58.8
  • Maximum Discharge 3s (A)
    529.2 / 352.8 / 264.6 / 117.6
  • Density (Wh/lb)
  • Cycles in life
    80% after 500 Cycles
  • Cell Type
    Lithium – Ion Batteries
  • Manufacturer
  • New/Used
  • Battery Stack Configurations
    400V with 20.3kWh - 2 HyperPacks, 400V with 30.5kWh - 3 HyperPacks, 400V with 40.6kWh - 4 HyperPacks, 400V with 61kWh - 6 HyperPacks, 600V with 30.5kWh - 3 HyperPacks, 600V with 61kWh - 6 HyperPacks, 600V with 91.4kWh - 9 HyperPacks, 800V with 40.6kWh - 4 HyperPacks, 800V with 61kWh - 6 HyperPacks, 800V with 81.3kWh - 8 HyperPacks, 800V with 121.9kWh - 12 HyperPacks
  • Dimensions
    • Length (in)
    • Width (in)
    • Height (in)
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