The best vehicle to convert is...

And the best car to convert is... The one close to your heart.

Now, objectively, there are many other reasons why a car should be converted to electric:

1. It leaks, smokes, smells, or all three; these are indicators that say, maybe it’s time to consider new exciting alternatives or say, a deviation from the past. 

2. It Spends 99% of the time in the garage, but you wish it could be your daily driver. Even once a week would be bliss! Charge, ride, repeat; this is how it should be.

3. It's Underpowered; A 6-cylinder powers it, and you wish it had more torque. It's time your vehicle gets a most efficient and reliable powerhouse. Electric motors are over 95% efficient, while ICEs are below 50%.

4. It starts once out of 3 tries; you don't need it to be highly reliable, but as long as there is fuel in the tank, it should start, right?

5. It's a Gas guzzler; you won't even have to go to the gas station anymore! Yes, for real.


And what about you?

You are a car enthusiast and love to share your passion with others; electric conversion may not be the least expensive alternative, but the electric driving experience is out of this world!

You are a mechanic or an electrician, and this electric conversion project is a new challenge you want to take up. So get some training and Do It Yourself!

You are not a mechanic; you want to drive it how you want, without stalling, surprises, or weird noises. Wrenching is not your thing; you drive cars for fun.

You are environmentally conscious and don't enjoy driving your classic(s) as you used to. You still like your vehicle, but not its smoke and smell anymore. So maybe it's time for a change, join the 21st century and play your part in decarbonization.

Some limitations must be taken into account but are not prohibitive


No restoration is preferred. Contrary to electric conversion cost, restoration work is very hard to predict, and some builders may not consider your project if it includes restoration.

Airbags* is preferred. Testing airbags after conversion is complex and requires a very specific set of skills. Make sure the builder guarantees the airbags are functional after conversion.

*The United States Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 required passenger cars and light trucks built after 1 September 1998 to have airbags for the driver and the front passenger.

Finally, there are many reasons why a car should not be converted to electric: ask someone else!

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