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Universal 80kW EV Motor Kit

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This kit enables you to drop a Gen1 Nissan Leaf motor into a vehicle of your choosing. With over 200ft/lbs of torque, this is ideal for small to medium vehicles. The motor is designed to run at 350V, draws up to 225Amps, and spins up to 10000 RPM. Regen is also supported. Motor and Inverter are used and tested with a 1 year warranty.

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  • Input Voltage (V): 320-400
  • RPM Peak: 10000
  • Torque (Ft. Lbs.): 206
  • Horse Power: 107
  • Current (A): 225
  • Nominal Voltage (V): 350
  • AC/DC: AC
  • $3,039.00

Flexibility – The OEM motor & inverter wire connections on the Leaf are very short and highly custom, leaving you very little option on where you can locate your inverter and motor. With this kit, you can just adjust the length of the high voltage and data cable and locate the components anywhere on the vehicle. The 2/0 cable in this kit is also more flexible and will carry more current than the stock cabling.

Availability – We provide everything you need in one place, instead of having to source all of the missing parts to go with a used motor from elsewhere.

This kit includes the following:

  • Tested EM61 Nissan Leaf Motor
  • Tested 80kW Nissan Leaf Inverter
  • Aluminum Adapter Plates & Cord Grips for Motor, Inverter AC & DC Connections
  • O-ring Seals for Adapter Plates and Cord Grips
  • 9′ Orange 2/0 Cable (other length options available)
  • 2/0 Cable Termination Lugs
  • Data Connector kit (Motor Resolver & Inverter)
  • Motor Mount Plates
  • 4′ Shielded 18ga Cable for Signal Connections
  • Thunderstruck VCU for Inverter Control
  • Hall Type Throttle & Connector
  • All the hardware you need to mount the included components

What you still need to complete your conversion (All components must be rated for a 300-400V system)

  • Battery w/management
  • DC/DC Converter to power 12V accessories
  • On Board Charger
  • Water Pump
  • A pre-charge circuit
  • Gearbox or transmission adapter (OEM Nissan 8:1 Gearboxes available)

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    • Weight
      300 lbs
    • SKU
  • AC/DC
  • Input Voltage (V)
  • Nominal Voltage (V)
  • Current (A)
  • Horse Power
  • Torque (Ft. Lbs.)
  • RPM Peak
  • Regen
  • Mounting
    OEM Nissan 8:1 Gearboxes available
  • Manufacturer
  • New/Used
  • Tested Leaf Motor & Inverter
    Yes, No, Ill provide my own Gen 1 Leaf motor and inverter
  • Throttle Pedal & Connector
    Yes, No, Ill provide my own throttle
  • Cable Length
    9' (3x 3' Sections), 15' (3x 5' Sections)
  • Thunderstruck VCU
    Yes, No, Ill provide my own VCU
  • Dimensions
    • Length (in)
    • Width (in)
    • Height (in)
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