Electrify | Podcast: Episode 303 with Fuel2Electric: EV Conversion

In Episode 303 of the Electrify Podcast, we’re joined by a trio of experts in the field of Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion from the company Fuel2Electric. Hosted by Jarod DeAnda, the episode dives into the fascinating world of converting classic vehicles into electric ones, and how Fuel2Electric is leading the way in this transformative space. 

  1. Fuel2Electric simplifies classic car to EV conversions with expert support and comprehensive kits.

  2. The podcast highlights environmental and social benefits of EV conversions.

  3. Fuel2Electric serves diverse project owners, emphasizing solutions over cost.

2023 SEMA Show highlights and vehicle debuts: Fuel2Electric connects you with the right shop.

We had the pleasure of meeting enthusiasts from various automotive subcultures, including lowriders, truck aficionados, muscle car fans, European car enthusiasts, and many more. The overwhelming interest we received surpassed our expectations. We grasped the significance of our role in catering to those seeking education, training, conversion solutions, answers to their queries, and those holding valuable insights. Fuel2electric is constantly adapting and expanding to meet all these diverse needs. Let's convert together!

Fuel2Electric partners with Hypercraft with the Goal of transforming the landscape of EV conversions and empowering car enthusiasts.

Fayetteville, AR – October 25, 2023 – Fuel2Electric, an innovative platform designed to streamline EV conversions for car and truck enthusiasts, is proud to announce its plan to collaborate with Hypercraft, a pioneering electric vehicle powertrain manufacturing and engineering company at the forefront of the global EV industry. Anticipation surrounds this thrilling partnership, poised to deliver many advantages that will transform the realm of electric vehicle conversions, offering a smooth and effective journey for automotive enthusiasts globally. Continue reading.

Going for the Juice, Why the EV conversion industry is charging ahead.

Now, the EV conversion industry is rapidly moving forward with modular retrofit kit options and matched parts and pieces, transforming the job of converting a vehicle from a months-long scavenger hunt into a clean, safe install that might even be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks. Among the companies focused on minimizing the challenge of sourcing vendors and components is Fuel2Electric. The company not only sells parts and services, but helps builders evaluate their projects, define their expectations, and connect to the appropriate vendors. Continue reading. SEMA Magazine, October 2023.

Electrifying Change: Fuel2Electric’s Mission to Educate and Transform through EV Conversion

After a year of evaluating countless EV conversion projects, F2E discovered that its customer base is driven by a multitude of factors. From customization and performance to environmental concerns and potential cost savings, its clients are a diverse bunch with a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. [...] F2E’s third and most valuable objective is to provide free, top-notch services for project owners. It prioritizes the customer experience and has built a platform that makes it easy to submit vehicles, present them to professionals, receive proposals, and track the build’s progress, all within its user-friendly website. By leveraging technology, F2E has disrupted the traditional “ask for a quote” process, offering a time-saving and hassle-free alternative. The seamless user experience it provides has garnered high appreciation from users, leading to trust-building and a loyal user base. Continue reading. Motortopia, August 2023.

Why a Standard Electric Car Charger Is So Important

"I run a company specializing in EV conversion of classic cars, trucks, and vans, […] Until now, we encouraged the installation of a J1772 charger (Level 2), but the Tesla charging plug has become more and more attractive, and clients now ask for Tesla chargers (with or without fast charging), which is 100% understandable," Laurent Frugier, co-founder of Fuel2Electric, told Lifewire via email. "On the other hand, standardization is key for any industry; it will lower the cost and help the EV conversion industry to go mainstream." Continue reading. LifeWire, July 2023

AEM Performance Electronics and Fuel2Electric Partner to Revolutionize EV Conversions

AEM Performance Electronics and Fuel2Electric have announced a collaboration to revolutionize EV conversions for car and truck enthusiasts. The partnership will create a one-stop shop for EV conversion parts and information, making it easier for enthusiasts to electrify their classic cars and trucks. [...] The AEM Performance Electronics and Fuel2Electric collaboration is a significant milestone for the EV conversion industry. It represents a new era of EV conversions, where enthusiasts can easily access the products and information they need to electrify their classic cars and trucks. Continue reading. EV Builder's Guide, August 2023.

Electric-Vehicle Conversions Sparking Appeal Among Car Enthusiasts

Electric-vehicle conversions are gaining appeal with car enthusiasts, fleet transportation and recreation industries, providing the ability to readily convert internal-combustion power to electric. [...] For those interested in doing EV conversions, the Fuel2Electric team learns the project owner’s goals and aspirations.

“Not only are we providing that connection between the project owners, vendors and shops, but we’re also building a database of converted vehicles,” says Wilson. He says most EV conversions are currently done on classic cars, particularly vehicles without electronic systems such as anti-lock brakes, airbag systems and other components. “This will allow people with older cars and trucks to modernize and continue using them,” he says. “Many of the parts incorporated are used, allowing for the repurposing of those materials.” Continue reading. Wards Auto, June 2023.

The Next Great Car Era: EV Conversion for Classic Cars with Laurent Frugier

Founded in 2021 after doing research for their own ‘66 Mustang project, Fuel2Electric is a platform dedicated to EV conversion which helps people define and design their build, receive proposals from vetted shops, and compare and purchase parts for the do-it-yourselfer. Laurent and I talk about how he got into cars, watching F1 with his family, the Fuel2Electric journey to date, the 66 Mustang flagship car, and much more. Enjoy! Listen to the podcast. EV Tuners, April 2023.

California Just Banned Gas Cars—Will Your State Ban Them Next?

The planet is in trouble, and a gas-car ban just might help. But how will it affect you? [...] Despite the gas-car ban, gas cars won’t be illegal in California or any other states that follow suit. You just won’t be able to buy and register new ones. And you’ll see an increasing number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the market from some of the best car brands. Ford has called California’s new rule “a landmark standard that will define clean transportation.” You’ll also see innovative ideas to turn your gas guzzler into something more eco-friendly. A new company called Fuel2Electric, for example, will convert your classic vehicle into sustainable nostalgia. Continue reading. Reader's Digest, January 2023.

Exploring EV Technologies

“When it comes to an electric conversion, sourcing products may be a challenge and a learning curve, especially if you are new to EVs,” observed Morales. “We provided resources to help industry builders navigate this initial task. For example, Legacy EV and Fuel2Electric were on hand to discuss with attendees the proper path for selecting and sourcing products that are ultimately compatible with each other.” Continue reading. SEMA, January 2023

SEMA 2022: EVs, Retrofits Rock the  Kingdom of Big V-8s

With 60 exhibitors showcasing their conversion components and ready-to-bolt solutions, the SEMA Show was a gathering of the retrofit elite from all corners of the globe and newcomers, such as Fuel2Electric, a platform connecting future owners with approved specialist installers. Continue reading. Motortopia, November 2022.

EV Conversion Projects Come to Life with New Platform

John Wilson, along with brothers Arno, and Laurent Frugier make up the enthusiastic team behind the Fuel2Electric platform.

Car enthusiasts can now turn their electric-vehicle-conversion dreams into reality thanks to Fuel2Electric, a one-of-a-kind resource for the EV-conversions community. Launched last August, this platform offers support needed for enthusiasts to bring their conversion projects to life. [...] Only projects that are deemed realistic are considered for the next steps. Fuel2Electric will draft the project and present it to you for approval, and then post on their platform. Shops and vendors receive notifications for every new conversion project posted. If they are interested, they can submit a proposal through the platform and interact with you to ensure all requirements are covered and the estimate reflects the scope of the project. When you are ready, you can select a shop and its proposal on the platform and contract with the converter by making a deposit online. Continue reading. Motortopia, May 2023.