Our Top 10 Favorite Cars To Convert (But We Love Them All)

If you’re here, you know that the world is a better place when classic cars are converted to electric vehicles. Preserving the soul of classic cars while bringing them back to life with an electric pulse is the pinnacle of modern technology. We show our love for the stylish icons of the past by guiding them into the future, with respect to their original forms, of course. This guide is your ticket to a world where heritage meets innovation. So, let’s get into our favorite cars for the EV conversions of your dreams, complemented by the finest plug-and-play kits from distinguished companies.


1. The VW Bug & VW Bus: A Dream For Do-It-Yourself Electric Car Conversion Kits

The VW bug and bus are icons of the hippie era. These two bad boys are some of the most common conversion projects around, but not only because of their status as cultural icons. The air-cooled nature of these vehicles is advantageous for conversions. Since they don’t have a liquid cooling system, there’s more space available and fewer components to remove or modify. Their simplicity of design and roomy engine bays allow for lots of room to play with different conversion kits, from ‘mild’ to ‘wild’. For these reasons, the bus and bug are common choices for a workshop’s first project, and have access to some of the widest array of conversion kits on the market. For example, Electric Classic Cars has a number of badass kits available, including one that resulted in a 600 hp Bug with a Tesla drive unit, traction control, limited slip diff, and line-lock. Companies like EV West or ampRevolt offer some fantastic kits for both models.

2. VW Karmann Ghia: Another Project Begging for a DIY EV Electric Car Conversion Kit

The Karmann Ghia is another VW icon—not because of its hippie heritage, but because of its timeless and elegant design. Similar to the Beetle and Bus, the Karmann Ghia has straightforward mechanical components, and its air-cooled engine bay provides ample space for electric motor placement and battery installation. Because its classic VW design is mechanically straightforward, this car is great for DIYers and workshops alike, with tons of kits fitting its frame. EV West loves this car and has great kits and video resources for anyone looking to convert their Karmann Ghia.

3. Classic Porsche 911: An Icon No Matter the Guts

The Porsche 911 is an iconic sports car with a passionate following, and converting one to electric can make it even more powerful. For example, Electrogenic offers a conversion kit that can propel the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds, which is quicker than a new 992 Carrera. App EV offers a plug-and-play kit with up to four battery modules for up to 78kWh. Many such kits are designed to bolt in without chassis modifications, making the entire process reversible. This is particularly appealing for the gearheads who want to preserve the option of returning the car to its original state at some point.

4. Ford Mustang: Electric Muscle Made with EV Conversion Kits

The classic Mustang is an iconic vehicle that defined the muscle car era. Its timeless design appeals to car enthusiasts who want to retain the classic aesthetic while updating the internals. Workshops and kit companies have kept this in the forefront of their mind while crafting their conversion kits and have developed systems that maintain the Mustang’s original weight distribution while increasing power output. The Doc by ReVolt Systems, the Inspire EV, and the E-1100R Blackout Edition by Elkington Electric and Hypercraft are great examples of taking the Mustang to the next level.

5. Ford F150 & F250 Super Duty

Ford trucks are renowned for their durability and longevity, which makes them excellent platforms for conversions, as the rest of the vehicle will likely last for the extended life of the new electric powertrain—in rural and urban settings alike. The return on investment for converting these trucks to electric can be quite favorable, with some companies estimating a payback period of around 2.5 years due to savings on fuel and maintenance. Great trucks with tons of kits available, including from reputable brands like Hypercraft, making brand new kits for the F250 in 2024.

6. Ford Bronco: Another Perfect Platform for EV Conversion Kits

The classic Ford Bronco is another iconic vehicle with a loyal fan base. Its classic design and off-road capabilities make it a desirable platform for modern electric conversions. Companies like Zero Labs and Arc Motors have developed innovative solutions for converting vintage Broncos into electric vehicles. Zero Labs offers a skateboard chassis that supports both front and rear motors and a battery pack, which can deliver up to 600 hp and 235 miles of range, and Arc Motor offers premium conversion that provides over 346 pound-foot of torque and up to 200 miles/320 kilometers of range—getting you where you need to go in style.

7. Land Rover Series 2A, Series 3 & Defender

The Land Rover platform is a promising candidate for your EV conversion because of its robust build quality and durability. Fellten’s EV Conversion Kit is in development for Land Rover Series 2A, Series 3, and Defender models. With up to 110kWh of battery capacity, advanced thermal management, and CCS DC fast charging, these Land Rovers can go anywhere and back fast, all while keeping your cargo space free. Ampere EV’s Atom Drive system is another great choice for anyone looking for a clean, reliable conversion kit.

8. Chevrolet 3100

The Chevrolet 3100, particularly from the Advanced Design generation (1947-1953), is a classic American truck with a timeless design that has always attracted enthusiasts. Southfield Classics offers a 3100 model created with heart. It boasts a striking patina green finish, powered by an Atom Drive System with a Cascadia IM-225 Motor and a 42 kWh battery. It includes a TorqueTrends transmission, CCS fast charging, and modern comforts like cabin heat, ensuring a classic look with cutting-edge performance.

9. Classic Mini

The Classic Mini is an old-school icon of agility and charm, and Fellten is its official EV conversion partner. Fellten - the Welsh word for lightning - is a premier leader in the EV conversion industry, ensuring that each kitted out ride flows more smoothly than a river over polished stone.  Their carefully crafted conversion kit ensures that the iconic car retains its original weight distribution, boot capacity, and size while increasing overall performance. With guaranteed reliability and 110 miles of range, Fellten have outdone themselves with this kit. Vintage Underground, another F2E member, is an official installer of Fellten's system in the US, offering complete conversion for the Classic Mini.  

10. Factory Five Racing Cobra

The Factory Five Racing Cobra, with its iconic design and performance potential, is a prime candidate for EV conversions, and the Scorpion EV’s Venom Conversion Kit is a testament to this synergy. The Venom Kit is a comprehensive, plug-and-play solution that includes a Hyper 9HV motor, Hyper-Drive X144 Controller/Inverter, and Tesla S modules for batteries, boasting a total capacity of 40kWh. It’s designed to be user-friendly, with all components fully wired and programmed, allowing for a conversion in less than a day. This kit, coupled with the Cobra’s kit car flexibility and strong community support, makes the conversion process not just feasible but also enjoyable. The Venom Kit’s integration with a Tremec T-5 Manual transmission and its compatibility with the Cobra’s chassis ensures that the electrified Cobra retains its thrilling driving experience while embracing the environmental benefits of electric propulsion.

So, if you’ve made it this far, here’s to the classics. Whether you're choosing a tried and true model from the case studies in this article or going your own way, converting a classic car is now more accessible than ever. So pick your car, choose your kit, and let’s get to work. Submit your project to us here at Fuel2Electric, and we’ll ensure it ends up in the right hands for the job.

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